Benefits of an Emergency Power System for Your Business

Benefits of an Emergency Power System for Your Business

April 25, 2019

Power outages are a common occurrence across North Texas, especially during storm and tornado season. For businesses, loss of power is more than an inconvenience. Just a few hours without electricity can cost a company thousands of dollars. Are you a DFW area business owner whose ready to take control of your electrical security? At Mr. Electric of Dallas, we enjoy helping local property owners find ways to improve the effectiveness of their electrical system. Are you still on the fence about your decision to install an emergency power system? Here are just a few of the ways a backup plan can help your business stay successful no matter what comes your way.

Stay Open for Customers

Do you own a retail store, restaurant or salon? Power outages usually force businesses to lock their doors until electricity is restored. Having a backup energy source will help keep your lighting system, register, security devices and other vital devices working normally, so you never have to worry about turning away paying customers. 

Stay on Schedule

Service based businesses like electricians, plumbers and landscaping professionals can experience major issues when the lights go out. They may lose important service calls or won’t be able to use vital tools and machinery. This could make it impossible to meet a client’s needs on schedule. An emergency system can help alleviate these problems, so there’s never a need to fall behind because of an outage. Manufacturing and shipping facilities won’t skip a beat either, since all equipment will run smoothly and ensure products are delivered without any hurdles or delays. 

Avoid Inventory Loss

Restaurants, coffee shops, cafes, grocers, convenience stores, food manufacturing companies and similar businesses can lose thousands of dollars in inventory if they go a single day without refrigeration. While major corporations may be able to recoup the costs, small to medium sized businesses could suffer irreparable damage to their financial success. Having an emergency power system in place will guarantee that your products and ingredients stay fresh. Best of all, your generator and electrical backup system will also allow you to serve customers even when competitors must shut down for the day. Your clients will appreciate your reliability in time of need, and you will keep putting money in the register despite the storm that may be brewing outside. 

Need to Install an Emergency Power System for Your Business? Call Mr. Electric of Dallas

Are you considering investing in an emergency power system installation for your North Texas company? Then call the experts at Mr. Electric of Dallas today. Our certified, licensed and insured electricians are ready to lend a hand. We are proud to offer a wide range of residential and commercial electrical services including standby generator installation and replacement, emergency power system installation, electrical repairs, wiring upgrades and routine maintenance services. If you own or manage a company in Dallas, Highland Park, Oak Lawn, North Dallas, University Park, Highland Park, Farmers Branch, Arlington, Inwood, Lakewood, Texas and other nearby DFW area communities. Contact our office today for more information or to schedule a convenient appointment with an experienced commercial electrician near you.