Childproofing Your Electrical Outlets

Childproofing Your Electrical Outlets

September 02, 2023

There’s nothing more important than the safety of your kids, and ensuring their wellbeing requires vigilance, preventative measures, and educating. This is especially true when it comes to the threats posed by electrical outlets. If you want to protect your children, then keep watch for signs of damage or fault with the electrical outlets, implement safety features, and educate your kids on electrical safety. In this brief article brought to you by Mr. Electric, we share some tips on childproofing your electrical outlets.

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Invest in Tamper-Resistant Outlets

Tamper-resistant outlets are specially designed to prevent children from inserting objects into the receptacle. They have a built-in shutter mechanism that only runs electricity when equal pressure is applied, simultaneously, to both prong slots. This ingenious design makes it nearly impossible for children to get caught in an electrical current, reducing the risk of electric shocks or burns significantly.

Install Outlet Covers

A more affordable option is outlet covers, but they are a great supplement to tamper-resistant outlets too. You can never be too safe! Outlet covers are an effective way to prevent children from accessing electrical outlets in the first place. These simple plastic or metal covers can be easily inserted into the sockets to block any potential entry for tiny fingers or objects. Outlet covers are readily available at most hardware stores and can be installed within seconds.

Manage and Organize Your Cords

Children are naturally drawn to dangling cords and wires, which can pose several risks, including tripping hazards and electrical shocks. To child-proof your electrical outlets, use cord organizers or cable clips to keep cords and wires out of reach and prevent them from hanging down where children can access them.

You can also conceal cords behind furniture or use cord covers to hide them from view. If you can, opt for cordless alternatives for appliances and gadgets. If you find yourself using too many extension cords, then hire a dependable electrician to add extra outlets to your property. Extension cords pose tripping hazards, electrical fire risks, and electrical shocks.

Cover Outdoor Outlets with Box Covers

If your home has outdoor electrical outlets, it's important to secure them as well. Outdoor outlets are often overlooked but can be just as enticing to curious children. To child-proof outdoor outlets, install weatherproof outlet box covers to protect the outlets from moisture and debris. Also, use outdoor outlet plug covers that seal off the receptacles when not in use.

Educate Your Children on Electrical Safety

You can’t supervise your children forever. While child-proofing your electrical outlets is essential, it's equally important to educate your children about the dangers of electricity. Teach them to stay away from outlets, cords, and wires, and explain the potential consequences of tampering with electrical devices. Encourage open communication and make sure your children know how to reach you in case of an emergency.