Electrical Issues Caused by Water

Electrical Issues Caused by Water

July 06, 2023

Residential and commercial buildings rely on electricity for daily operations. Whether to power appliances or provide light, electricity is vital to our everyday lives. Unfortunately, electrical systems are susceptible to weather damage, prompting immediate repairs by a professional electrician. While minor deterioration may not raise any concerns, the problem can grow and disrupt the functionality or safety of your premises. If you live in an area frequently affected by storms or adverse weather, Mr. Electric of Dallas can inspect, detect, and diagnose the problem. Here are telltale signs you need to call an electrical repair service after a storm.

Bent Electrical Mast or Damaged Weather Head

If there’s a tree near your electrical lines, branches can break during heavy rains and fall on the electric lines going to your house. You may still have power, but if the pole is bent, you need to turn off the power and call a licensed electrician. The last thing you want is a member of your household getting electrocuted or a fire hazard. Our technicians use industry-standard equipment to raise the pole and prevent the wires from contacting the surface. It would help if you didn’t attempt DIY repairs without the knowledge or skills needed, as the slightest error can cause devastating damage.

Flooded Electrical Outlets

Nothing is more frustrating than a flooded garage or home after heavy rains. Many people usually start with water removal to mitigate further deterioration and property damage, but there’s a lot of damage than you think. If water seeps into your electrical outlets, it can cause malfunctions and electrocutions. Check for burn marks and odors when you plug in a device, and schedule an inspection with an electrician. We can determine the severity of the problem and recommend viable solutions to prevent safety hazards.

Tripping Hazards

Winter poses several challenges for electrical systems. Christmas decorations, heating systems, portable heaters, and other devices overwhelm your home’s electrical infrastructure. Frequent trips are a sign these devices are placing a tremendous strain on your system, increasing the risk of a fire hazard or, worse, a blackout. Besides the cold and harsh weather, frequently tripping circuit breakers require the expertise of an electrical repair service in Irving. In case of irreversible water damage, we can recommend a circuit breaker replacement or an upgrade to enhance performance.

Light Fixtures and Other Electrical Devices

A storm can cause severe damage to your lighting fixtures and many electrical devices within your home. So, if your landscape lights are damaged, the electricity to your rooms is cut, or other devices malfunction, hire an electrician to fix the damage. It is advisable to schedule regular inspections with an electrician throughout the cold season, addressing minor repairs before the situation worsens.

These are common electrical hazards caused by water, and knowing the telltale signs of damage can help minimize the damage. While wet weather may affect your electrical system in many ways, you must be vigilant with maintenance. Contact us at Mr. Electric of Dallas and schedule an appointment with our certified electrician. We provide various services, including installations, repairs, and replacements, without breaking the bank.