Electrical Upgrade During Your Remodel

Electrical Upgrade During Your Remodel

May 27, 2022

So, you’re finally remodeling your home, business, or other dream remodel location. During remodeling, tasks such as removing walls, raising ceilings, repainting, and replacing windows are completed. When you focus on remodeling the exterior, you often become oblivious to other parts of your home, such as the electrical wiring system. It’s recommended to have an electrical upgrade during the remodeling process.

Why Do I Need an Upgrade?

Upgrading your wiring system will bring you many benefits that you’ll be glad to have.

  • Building Codes – If you can’t remember the last time your home has had an electrical upgrade, the wiring system is likely to be very old. An upgrade on your electrical system can bring your home’s wiring back in line with regulation codes. Building code violations can get in the way of any future rental or sale possibilities for your home, so an upgrade can prevent that.
  • Energy Consumption of Appliances – Another advantage you can have by getting an upgrade is having energy that matches your appliances. Modern appliances are mostly electronical and consume energy every day, so having an electrical system that is able to support the energy consumption needed will be a great help.
  • New Additions – If you plan to add new outlets or other electrical upgrades, having it done during the remodeling process will be easier considering time and money for both you and the electrician. It’s easier to perform a task like installing new outlets when the walls are already down, for instance. Choosing to go down the more convenient path is always simpler and trouble-free.
  • Preventing Fires – If your electrical system is old and not up to date with maintenance, there might be worn-out wires that have the potential to cause electrical fires. To help detect common risks of fire in your home and learn how to prevent them, you can call Mr. Electric and we’ll send a qualified electrician your way to assist you.

An upgrade can also increase your home security. While replacing the electrical wiring, maintenance can also be done, checking the area to make sure nothing looks abnormal or out of order.

Recommended Electrical Upgrades

Remodeling your home is a great way to transform your traditional home into a smart and modern one. During the remodeling, you can also add extra electrical features to your home that can make your life safer and easier.

Adding new outlets is a great addition to your home. If you need to buy more appliances or need to plug in more electronics, there will be outlets available at any time. If you want to free your outlets and use another method of charging, try installing charging stations. GFCIs are also essential for your kitchen, bathrooms, and other high-risk areas. To upgrade to a smart home, you can add a smart alarm, locks, light bulbs, appliances, etc. Figure out what’s best for you and your safety, and what satisfies you, then call Mr. Electric so we can bring your dream home to life.