How to Choose a Reliable Electrician

How to Choose a Reliable Electrician

November 10, 2017

Homeowners sometimes, make the mistake of choosing the wrong electrician for their electrical works because most often, they don’t know what to look for or they hire an electrician in a hurry just to meet up with other obligations. If you are careless in hiring an electrician, then, do not be surprised to get a shoddy job that could be detrimental to the safety of other inhabitants of the building. We recommend that you put the following things into consideration before contracting the electrician.

Insured and licensed electrician

It is your right to ask for the license and insurance coverage of any electrician before he handles your job. The license is the only assurance that the electrician has been trained and is qualified to work on your project. Also, you should check if the license is still current and if it does not have restrictions. Current insurance cover on electricians is very important because they are exposed to a life-threatening assignment and it guarantees that you are not liable for any damages caused as a result of his services.

These two factors are very important and should be determined before you could proceed to negotiate about other terms concerning the project.


Apart from having a current license, you should ensure that the electrician is experienced in the specific area you want him to work on. Though we are not discouraging you from giving your jobs to fresh college graduates, experience in any field is paramount when you are looking for efficiency and functionality. At Mr. Electric of Dallas we have experienced and highly qualified electricians who are dedicated to working above the expectations of the homeowner. We have master electricians who give you the highest standard of workmanship and warranty. So we encourage you to always go for experienced electricians for all electrical works.


The service of the electrician should be affordable but shouldn’t be relatively low. Low priced contractors signify lesser quality, though not in every situation, you need to be careful while you are negotiating with the electrician. Let the price for the service be moderate. More so, you should get value for every money spent. Let him give you an idea of the fittings and materials that will be used for your project and their different prices; it is up to you to make a choice. But your decision of the electrician that will handle your project should not only be based on pricing.

Referrals and recommendations

To further ascertain the credibility of the electrician you are about to hire, you can ask him to provide details of past clients he has worked for. You can put up a call to them just to know if the guy delivers what he has promised. If he is confident enough to give out the contact information of past clients, that alone shows reliability.

At Mr. Electric of Dallas, we have worked for thousands of certified clients who are ready to answer any inquiry about our credibility. Contact us now to get their contact information for your verification

Now that you have hired an electrician, preferably from Mr. Electric of Dallas, you should have a clear task in mind of what exactly you want us to do and when you want the job to be completed. We are ready to listen to your instructions, and we work according to the details we have and the electrical regulation of the county or city.