How To Power Outdoor Lights

How To Power Outdoor Lights

April 30, 2022

To have nice barbeque dinners, chill next to the fire pit, or do any nighttime activities in your backyard, it’s important to have outdoor lighting. You’ll need a power source to get your lights running. Usually, your home should have outlets placed outside and you can plug in the cord for your lighting, and you would be all set. However, it is possible that your home might not have outdoor outlets. Luckily, there are different ways to power your outdoor lights.

Why Outdoor Lighting Is Important

Having lighting installation in your front and backyard enhances the scenery and highlights the beauty of your property, increasing curb appeal. It helps create a comfortable and safe environment where family and guests could feel welcome. It also increases your safety against intruders, illuminating your pathways after dark. Have an affordable electrician from Mr. Electric install your outdoor lights. There are various light styles you can design your outdoors with, including lanterns, wall lights, and path lights.

What If You Don’t Have an Outdoor Outlet?

There are many alternatives to choose from if you do not have an outdoor outlet for plug-ins. It’s important to understand the differences between each one so you can choose the one most compatible for your outdoor area. Mr. Electric can help you decide which lighting installation is best for your home.

  • Battery Operated Lights – When you don’t have access to electricity outside, battery-powered lights are a good investment. When considering a suitable battery lighting, consider the level of brightness it gives off, the amount of area the light can cover, an efficient and durable design, the battery life, and safety features. The battery can last longer if only used when needed, or you can get motion sensor lights that turn on only when they detect movement.
  • Solar Powered Lights – Without the need for electric wiring, solar-powered lights are easy to install and are great to light up your outdoors. Brightness, battery charge time, and run-time are factors you can look for in solar light. During the day, the light draws energy from the sun and stores it for, later on, use at night. Make sure to get an electrician to install the lights where you’ll be hanging around the most.
  • Battery-Operated Outdoor String Lights – These can be used for a nice, cozy, aesthetic night hangout with friends and family. You can place the string lights on rooftops, furniture, or other areas to illuminate and give off a nice ambiance. Pay attention to factors like battery life, different modes of display, and maybe even to additional features like whether or not it’s waterproof. Using wax or LED candles can also be a nice addition to the setting.
  • Generators – Having a portable generator for the outdoors can help you use electricity and provide power where you need it. It runs by a gas-powered engine that turns an alternator to generate electricity. There are power outlets in the generator where you can plug in extension cords and appliances. The available outlets in your generator are based on the power of the generator. They are great and efficient to move around wherever you need them and are started manually.

Find the best suitable option to power your outdoors and call Mr. Electric to help you with the rest.