How to Protect Outdoor Outlets

How to Protect Outdoor Outlets

July 18, 2021

Your outdoor outlets can provide opportunities to really spruce up your outdoor space by adding lighting accessories, music, and other devices. Whether the outdoor outlets were pre-installed into your home or added later on, you’ll need to make sure they were installed safely and properly. Once you’ve made sure they are properly installed, it’s important to protect your outlets from outside elements. If these outlets are not properly protected, it could cause great damage to not only your plugged in accessories but to your home and loved ones. Taking a quick and simple step can prevent such dangerous events from happening. We’ll discuss a few of the steps you can take to ensure quality protection and safe installation of your outdoor outlets. If you would like to learn more about how you can protect your electrical outlets or would like to schedule a safety inspection, call our team at Mr. Electric of Dallas. We’d be glad to help.

Practice Safety First

When you see an outdoor electrical outlet, it’s important to inspect it before using it. You’ll want to make sure the outlet is covered when not in use to prevent dirt, debris or water getting in. If you notice that there is debris, rust, or water inside the outlet, do not use it and consult an electrician for a more thorough inspection. Taking this tiny and easy step of safety can prevent massive problems and reduce the risk of fire.

Are the Outlets Properly Installed?

Are your outdoor electrical outlets installed properly? Have all of the components been properly installed according to the National Electric Code? All outdoor electrical outlets should be weather resistant. You can check for a “WR” embossed on your outlet to let you know that it is weather resistant and safe to use outside. If you have outdoor electrical outlets, they are likely GFCI outlets. A ground fault circuit interrupter outlet is required by law by the National Electrical Code. They are inexpensive and are meant to protect people from electrical shock. GFCI outlets are easy to recognize with the ‘test’ and ‘reset’ buttons. If you’d like to  get your outdoor outlets checked out, get in touch with Mr. Electric of Dallas for a safety inspection.

Install a Weatherproof Cover

If it’s raining or snowing, there’s still a way to safely use your electronics outside. Installing a waterproof cover over your outdoor electrical outlets will allow you to plug in devices without worry. Weatherproof covers will keep the outside elements away from your electrical outlet so you can enjoy your music or other accessories even if it’s pouring outside (assuming you are under cover, like an outdoor kitchen or dining area). If you don’t have a weatherproof cover or would like to learn more about how you can protect your outdoor outlet, get in touch with our talented team at Mr. Electric of Dallas. We’re happy to help!

Keep Yourself and Loved Ones Safe

At Mr. Electric of Dallas, your safety is our priority. If you’d like us to inspect or install outdoor electrical outlets, give us a call or schedule online today.