How to Set Up Your Smart Home’s Foundation for Success

How to Set Up Your Smart Home’s Foundation for Success

May 02, 2021

Everyone these days seem to be hopping on board with the smart home trend – and it’s for good reason. Smart homes make everything in your home so much more efficient and cost-effective. It saves your money each month, and once you’ve set it up, your life can be so much easier – you can adjust the temperature on your thermostat before you get home, you can turn lights on and off, and so much more.

Sounds great, right? Smart homes are a great thing to have but setting it up can be not so fun. When it comes to smart home systems, you have to make sure everything is set up correctly and how you want it. Whether you’re setting up a single smart home device, or an entire home system, take your time and do it right. The local electricians at Mr. Electric of Dallas are here for you – we can help with the setup of your new smart home and show you everything you need to do to maintain it. 

4 steps to take to set up your smart home successfully:

1. Get reliable WIFI

Any smart home devices you get will run solely on WIFI, so if you don’t have good WIFI, you don’t have effective smart home devices. Most smart home devices are Bluetooth operated, and your WIFI router will send a signal to those devices, but if your WIFI can reach your devices, you essentially can’t have a smart home. If you want to set your home up to be a smart home, start by getting good WIFI.

2. Purchase a smart hub

A smart hub essentially acts as the landing page for all your smart home devices. Some people prefer to use their phone as their smart hub but doing that can cause issues for your device if you need an update or get a new phone. It’s easier to get a separate smart hub device in case you run into any issues with your phone. With your smart hub, you can still access everything remotely from your phone, it just gives you the most reliable connection.

3. Figure out what you need your smart home to do

Your smart hub can control pretty much anything in your home, that’s why figuring out what you want from your smart home is an important step to set it up successfully – you don’t want to connect devices that you won’t use. These are some of the common smart home devices you can set up:

  • Security system
  • Lighting control
  • Temperature control
  • Electrical outlet control
  • Carbon monoxide & smoke detector alerts

4. Find an electrician

While you may think you are handy and can do this on your own, it’s much easier and safer to hire a certified electrician in Dallas TX to help you with this. If you don’t want to run into any issues in the future, we always recommend calling our electricians here at Mr. Electric of Dallas!

Smart home technology has become quite popular in recent years and it’s definitely earned the reputation it’s built. Setting up a smart home properly can be difficult and time-consuming, but the struggle is all worth the benefits you’ll receive from it. You no longer need to worry and stress if you turned your coffee pot off, or if you turned your bedroom light off – you can control it all through your smart devices, and to make it even better, you’ll save money each month! Want to ensure your smart home is setup properly? Call our team of electricians here at Mr. Electric of Dallas!