How to Upgrade Your Home Electrical Services

How to Upgrade Your Home Electrical Services

October 05, 2022

For your electrical panel, breakers, wires, or other electrical components, there’s nothing like a lifetime warranty. Failure to provide routine maintenance checks and replacements can have devastating outcomes, such as injuries and property damage. Mr. Electric of Dallas can dispatch an experienced electrician to upgrade your electrical service, ensuring it runs efficiently and safely. The last thing any homeowner wants is a fire on their premises, and regular upgrades can help.

When is the Perfect Time to Upgrade the Electrical Panel?

The electronic panel is storage for your home’s electricity, sending power to various outlets when needed. You rely on your electrical panel to transfer power where necessary, but after a certain amount of time, it may malfunction. If your panel malfunctions and sends electricity where it shouldn’t, it can cause a short circuit or fire. Unless you are an experienced electrician, there are signs of deterioration that can go undetected until it’s too late, and you need to replace it. Let’s look at some signs to know it’s time to upgrade your home electrical services.

Remodeling Time

If you have a renovation scheduled, this might be the best time to update your home’s electrical system. Hire a well-equipped and trained electrician to get rid of obsolete junction boxes and wiring, replacing them with more efficient and safe upgrades. Industry experts usually recommend replacing an electrical panel every 25 years or more, but a weak cabling system can shorten this time by half. Ensure you consult a reputable electrical service to install an efficient system than the previous one.

Lights Flicker or Dim

What happens to your lights when you use electrical appliances like the microwave oven? Homes with a single circuit may experience flickering lights if multiple electrical appliances are used simultaneously. If this is the case, an additional circuit or a complete replacement is required. A skilled electrician can assess the severity of the situation and give guidance on the ideal solution for your needs.

Hot Electrical Board

A malfunctioning circuit breaker is usually hot to the touch, showing a problem with the electrical panel. Replacing your electrical panel is the safest solution to avoid injuries or damage. Many people who attempt DIY replacements without the knowledge and skills needed end up causing more damage and risking the well-being of anyone around. We can help you find a trained electrician to assist with upgrades, alleviating safety hazards before they strike.

Strong Burning Odor

A burning odor from electrical components is always a bad sign. If you notice burning near the electrical panel, take action instantly to mitigate further damages to your entire system. The weird smell resembles burning plastic, which is usually a sign the wire coating is exposed to extreme heat. However, if the odor is like burning wood, it means the damage has reached your walls. The smell may be mild at first and difficult to detect, but an electrician can pinpoint the source and recommend a course of action.

Homeowners should keep electrical services current, and Mr. Electric of Dallas is the go-to service provider for exceptional electrical maintenance. Contact us to schedule a consultation with our highly experienced electricians.