Is Your Electrical Wiring Outdated?

Is Your Electrical Wiring Outdated?

February 15, 2022

Most houses built during the 1960s and mid-1970s have aluminum wiring rather than the standard copper wire. Aluminum wiring is viewed as hazardous since wiring connections might slip after some time. Minuscule holes between the wiring and connectors might prompt overheating and perhaps fires, particularly when apparatuses and lighting installations are connected to them.

A certified electrician at Mr. Electric of Dallas can examine your home's wiring to decide whether it's appropriate to leave your current wiring setup. Small pieces of copper wire additions to the aluminum wiring can save the risky environment. However, having an electrical wiring upgrade may be the best option. Why not just renew the wiring and save your health and time instead of dealing with aluminum wiring?

Warning Signs of Outdated Wiring

  • Flickering lights: This could mean your system is in overload or there is a loose connection in your wiring.
  • Tripping circuit breakers: We all have tripped circuits now and then, but if this action is happening too frequently that its abnormal, it could be a sign that the circuit is overloaded. A qualified electrician can inspect the faults in the circuit breaker and suggest improvements. They can also inform you that you may need upgraded wiring if needed.
  • Smoke: If smoke starts to emerge from outlets or appliances, quickly turn them off and check for any problems. The scent of burnt electrical wire also has a distinct smell, so youll be able to notice and maybe even track down where its coming from.
  • Strange noises: If you hear crackling or sizzling sounds coming from your outlets, something might be wrong. Turn off your electricity and immediately call a professional.

Risks of Outdated Wiring

  • Fire hazards: Aluminum wiring has been sitting in old houses for a while. After some time, the rubber coating the aluminum may start to thin and eventually give way for the aluminum to come in contact with the electricity. This might cause a dangerous fire to start. To prevent hazards like this from happening, have your electrical wiring upgrade scheduled today with Mr. Electric of Dallas.
  • Burned out fuses: Old wiring can make fuses regularly wear out. This for the most part happens when various machines are being utilized at once. Over-burdened with power, the wires can't keep up with too much power before they burn out. Accordingly, microwaves, coolers, and different appliances won't work until the circuits are supplanted, or a home re-wiring project rectifies the issue.
  • Damaged outlets: Dangerous sparks coming from outlets because of outdated wiring can fill the air, known as acing. Outlets can become permanently damaged because of this. Unexpected shocks coming from outlets can also be a sign of the damaged outlets because of the old wiring.

You can seriously injure yourself with some of these risks caused by outdated wiring. Dont waste any time and call for a professional inspection from Mr. Electric of Dallas. Our technicians are licensed and well-experienced, giving you guaranteed satisfaction when the work is completed. Call us now or schedule an appointment to hear more about our services.