Is Your Home's Electrical Wiring in Need of Updating?

Is Your Home's Electrical Wiring in Need of Updating?

July 11, 2018

You may think that your home’s wiring system is 100% fine because your light fixtures and appliances are working perfectly. Most homeowners rarely call for electrical inspections when their appliances and light fixtures are working fine, but experts suggest that a home, older than 40 years will require a complete electrical update, and waiting for such updates can be risky because the National Fire Prevention Association has discovered that faulty and worn-out electrical wiring are the major causes of fire accidents in homes. Wiring updates apply to electrical, phone, Internet and even cable devices. If you feel the need to update your home’s wiring and prevent fire disasters, do contact electricians from Mr. Electric of Dallas as soon as possible. 

Reasons why you need a wiring update in your home 

Older wiring is the number one reason you should contact Mr. Electric of Dallas for an update on your home’s wiring system. In the 1940s and 1950s for instance, non-metallic wirings are used for wiring while aluminum wirings are used in the 1960s and 1970s. Just before the 1930s, tube wirings were used and that resulted in numerous loose connections and that caused wear and tear. 

You need a wiring update to prevent two-pronged and ungrounded outlets

Un-grounded outlets are some of the most dangerous wiring hazards in homes, especially for humans and the home appliances. Without a reliable grounding, the excess electricity generated will have nowhere to go except your appliances, even if there is a surge protector installed. The only way to reduce the risks of electrical shocks is to update your wiring as soon as possible.

Missing GFCIs are the reasons you should consider a wiring update

The GCFIs are usually identified by the Test and Reset buttons on their surfaces. These wiring components to protect you from electrical shocks, especially in moisture areas. GFCIs must be installed in places such as the bathrooms, utility rooms, laundry areas, kitchen, and the spa or pool area. Even those uncompleted crawl spaces and basements require the installation of GCFIs. Fortunately, GFCIs are inexpensive and very easy to install, yet they offer a great protection against electrical surges and shocks. 

Other reasons you should update your wiring 

Missing AFCIs that act as circuit breakers that disconnect electricity in the event of a dangerous electrical surge, is new wiring updates you must consider for your home. Most older electrical wiring compartments are not childproof but you can find these protective components in newer wiring updates. Today’s homes will require up to 200 Amps to power them, unlike older homes that require just 60 or less- many appliances are used at the same time and that explains why we need more amps. In order to prevent serious damages to your appliances, you need to call Mr. Electric of Dallas for wiring updates.

Common issues associated with old wiring systems include; Tripped circuit breakers, Blowup fuses, flickering and dimming lights, the need to use more extensions in the absence of electrical outlets, and burning smells in outlets. Call Mr. Electric of Dallas for a reliable and affordable wiring update right now!