Portable Generator Maintenance Tips

Portable Generator Maintenance Tips

February 08, 2019

Has it been a while since you’ve used your portable generator? Make sure it’s ready for last minute emergencies before storm season arrives. At Mr. Electric of Dallas, we work hard to ensure our local North Texas customers have dependable electrical systems, and we want you to have security for your family or business when unexpected outages occur. Implementing proper maintenance techniques can help improve the efficiency of your generator while extending its longevity. Here are some tips for basic care of your portable generator. 

Swap Out the Air Filter

A clogged air filter can over burden your generator, causing a sluggish engine and premature degradation of the entire unit. Changing the air filter when needed will help keep your engine humming with ease.

Get New Spark Plugs

Your spark plugs should be replaced after about 200 hours of total use. For most generator owners, this could be once per season or once per year, depending on the individual. 

Change Your Oil

The oil in your generator needs to be changed much more frequently, after about 30 hours of use. Therefore, it’s recommended that owners replace the oil at least once every season or more depending on their unique circumstances. If this maintenance service is neglected, it could decrease the amount of lubrication and will place too much strain on important mechanical components inside your generator. 

Drain the Fuel Between Uses

Draining the fuel system between uses is essential to the maintenance of your generator. If left inside for long periods of time, the gasoline could attract enough moisture to cause severely acidic conditions, which may damage your generator during storage. 

Test the Generator Once Per Month

Periodically test your generator, about once per month. Doing so will ensure an appropriate amount of lubrication and mechanical reliability, so you’re not left without power during an outage. 

Consider Installing a Standby Generator

If you find yourself using your portable generator often, you might consider making the switch to a standby generator unit. While portable models can be helpful in some circumstances, they must remain outside during use for safety reasons, and they can be extremely loud and disruptive. In addition, portable generators usually have a reduced wattage compared to their standby counterparts. When you invest in a standby generator, you’ll be ready for any emergency. The standby generator will automatically switch on at the first sign of trouble and turn off the moment power is restored. You won’t have to suffer through poor weather conditions just to charge your cell phone, or risk the dangers of using extension cords during severe storms. 

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