Questions to Ask Your EV Charger Installer

Questions to Ask Your EV Charger Installer

March 01, 2023

Electric vehicles are the best way to reduce harmful emissions, eliminate fuel costs, and become more energy independent. However, before you begin an EV charging station installation project in your home or workplace, you must consider some things. Since the release of the first electric car in 2000, the trend has grown significantly. You can find charging stations across the United States, making it easier to operate electric vehicles. If you want to invest in this vastly growing global trend, here are questions to ask before hiring a professional EVSE installer from Mr. Electric of Dallas.

Do I Need Extra Amperage or Voltage?

Nothing is more frustrating than a dead electric car on the highway. We provide top-quality EV charging station installation services so that your vehicle is ready within a moment’s notice. Whether it is in the garage or driveway, our experienced EVSE installer can ensure everything is running at high performance. Most homes don’t have a level 2 charger that handles over 30 amps or wiring that allows for a 240-volt outlet. We can dispatch an electrician to your premises to make the needed adjustments and repairs for a safe installation.

Should I Install a Permanent or Portable EV Charger?

There are two types of EV chargers: hand-wired and plug-in. Hand-wired chargers are permanent solutions commonly installed in areas like the garage or parking lot. If you prefer a more convenient solution, the plug-in charger is portable, so you can carry it when you move to a new home or travel. Whichever you choose, hiring a qualified electrician to guarantee quality installation and maintenance is advisable.

Which is the Best Location for EV Charging Station Installation?

Choose the most convenient location if you opt for a permanent EV charger. Ensure the room is spacious and measure the distance between the vehicle’s charging port and the intended installation spot. If you prefer a more hands-off approach, a certified EVSE installer can handle the installation process and determine if more space is needed to accommodate multiple EV vehicles.

Which Smart Options Are Available?

The most vital consideration before an EV charging station installation is the electricity your electric vehicle consumes. Modern cars have mobile applications featuring a meter and timer, giving you enhanced convenience and control over charging. You can opt for a Wi-Fi-enabled EV charger with these features on display or install a device that is directly connected to your home’s smart grid.

Where Do I Find a Qualified Electrician?

While the internet is a fast way to find local EVSE installers, you must hire a professional. The last thing you want is to experience frequent electrical problems because of improper EV charging station installation. Find reliable referrals from friends, family, or colleagues to narrow viable candidates for the job.

Contact us at Mr. Electric of Dallas and schedule an appointment with our experienced electricians. We have a stellar track record of providing exceptional EVSE installation and guarantee nothing short of excellence. Let us help you reduce your carbon footprint through top-notch EV charging station installation and maintenance.