Should I Upgrade My Electrical Panel for My Home Office?

Should I Upgrade My Electrical Panel for My Home Office?

May 23, 2021

Remote work and online learning have become a reality in the past couple of decades and more and more popular over the recent few years. Working or learning remotely has many benefits from eliminating long commutes, freeing up more time, and providing more flexibility in life. Some studies even show that working from home has made employees more productive. 

All of these benefits depend on a stable connection, though. Your laptop, computer, or tablet rely on consistent power just as much as they depend on a steady internet connection. Upgrading your electrical panel can have many advantages for your home office. 

This article brought to you by Mr. Electric of Dallas will review the benefits of an electrical panel upgrade. If you have any questions or concerns, or if you are ready to upgrade, then call Mr. Electric of Dallas to get in touch with one of our live representatives today.

Fuse Boxes

Older buildings in the United States more likely have fuse boxes. Fuse boxes serve the same purpose as circuit breaker panels but use fuses rather than circuit breakers. The outdated fuse box is more costly and less efficient than a circuit breaker panel for a few reasons.

First, switches in a breaker panel can be flipped back on to reset the circuit. Meanwhile, fuses blow out in order to break the circuit, and blown fuses must be replaced with new ones.

Secondly, fuses handle less amperage, meaning the high number of electrical devices in modern life can strain those fuses easily.

Third, property insurance companies usually charge a higher premium for homes that have fuse boxes because these units pose a greater fire hazard.

Upgrading your fuse box to an electrical pan is a no-brainer, especially if you have a home office.

Old Electrical Panel

Electronic devices and appliances have gotten more energy efficient over the years, but the average number of gadgets in each household has increased. Nowadays, it is common for one household to have multiple televisions, computers, and video game consoles. There are also the smart phones, tablets, laptops, and other extras. The more electrical devices added to your circuits, the more strained your electrical system becomes.

If your electrical panel already has circuit breakers but the unit is more than 15 years old, then you would be wise to upgrade it. You might be getting hints that it is time to upgrade your breaker panel if circuit breakers are constantly tripping or if devices and lights are flickering. Simply switching the breaker back into position sounds like a solution, but constant tripping can wear out your electrical wiring. Damaged electrical wires can pose serious electrocution and fire hazards!

Call Mr. Electric for Quality Service

As you know, electricity is practically a basic necessity in today’s society. Therefore, you should leave electrical panel repairs, replacements, and installations to qualified electricians. Mr. Electric of Dallas is proud to offer 24-hour emergency service with no overtime charges. Call Mr. Electric now to get your flat rate price upfront and schedule your appointment or request an emergency dispatch.