The Benefits of Electrical Inspection in Old Houses

The Benefits of Electrical Inspection in Old Houses

December 03, 2021

It is usual for homeowners to wait for an electrical problem to occur before asking for an electrical inspection. However, being proactive is even more important if you live with your family in an aging house, as updating the existing electrical system has many benefits, and will keep you away from future incidents. Mr. Electric of Dallas and its team of electricians recommend such inspections and enhancements to allow the appropriate energy to be drawn by your home appliances without causing tripped breakers. It will ensure compliance with local building codes, as well as preserving your house’s value when you decide to sell it in the future.

  • Common Electrical Problems in Old Homes

Old house electrical inspections allow you to discover several common problems in advance, which can minimize inconveniences and repairing costs.

  • The use of old fuse boxes instead of a modern circuit breaker panel.

While they both control the flowing of electricity in the house and cut it off in case of overloaded, circuit breakers are a better choice because they have switches and wires that can be flipped and disconnected, respectively. On the other hand, when the circuit is overloaded, fuse boxes usually melt wires.

  • Knob and tube wiring.

This wiring method doesn’t provide the needed energy for modern home devices. Knob and tube wires are easily overheated and can cause a fire.

  • Aluminum wiring. 

It’s another outdated wiring method that loosens electrical connections because the metal heats up more than copper wires, which can cause melting insulation.

  • The use of two-prong instead of three-prong outlets.

The two-pronged only outlets indicate that the outlet is ungrounded, which means it’s not equipped with ground-fault circuit interrupters, also known as GFCIs. These circuit interrupters prevent electrocution in the kitchen and bathrooms, as GFCIs only take four milliseconds to shut down the circuit in case of danger.

  • Frequently tripped circuit breakers. 

When home appliances draw more energy than the breaker allows, the circuit breaker trips, but having this issue repeatedly without the actual use of high-energy devices can be a sign of loose connections in the electrical system.

  • Old outlets for new home devices. 

Older houses usually have fewer outlets than what our modern electrical use requires. This can cause circuits to become overloaded, potentially affecting your entire electrical system.

How Does an Electrical Inspection work?

Electrical inspections ensure that your system complies with safety standards through the evaluation of all electrical systems within your property. If you decide to hire Mr. Electric of Dallas, you’ll receive a detailed report highlighting the urgent issues to be addressed. The electrician will answer your questions and will go over the report with you.

  • It allows assessing the current condition of the light switches and wall outlets while checking for faulty wiring that may cause overheating. The electrician will also verify if arc fault circuit interrupters (or AFCIs) operate correctly.
  • The inspection allows verifying all safety and security lighting in order to minimize electrocution risks in wet areas, as well as the placement of smoke detectors. The electrical inspection also examines the electrical panel and the outdoor electrical systems.

Are you looking for a licensed electrician who can provide you with electrical inspections? Has it been a while since you’ve had an electrical inspection? Is your home older and you want to get the electrical wiring inspected? Call Mr. Electric of Dallas today if you seek to consult with one of our team members to ensure a proper electrical inspection.