The Ultimate Lighting Guide for Your Business

The Ultimate Lighting Guide for Your Business

July 26, 2023

If you are a business owner, ensuring proper lighting is vital for seamless operations and the venture’s overall success. Research shows that many accidents in the workplace are caused by poor lighting, hence the need to consult a professional electrician. At Mr. Electric of Dallas, we understand the importance of proper commercial lighting and schedule routine inspections to address issues quickly. While dark spots may not raise concerns, you risk compromising the bottom line: growth and profit. Here’s a guide to help you choose the right lighting for your business.

How Old is Your Building?

Regarding commercial lighting, buildings constructed in the 1980s usually harbor energy-hogging systems. While it may not be a major cause for concern, you need to hire a trusted electrical repair service for an upgrade. Research shows that modern commercial lighting systems are more efficient, saving over 50% of monthly energy costs. If you work in an old building, schedule an inspection with a certified technician and save a lot of money in the long run.

Why Consider a Commercial Lighting Upgrade?

Besides saving a lot of time and money, scheduling a commercial lighting upgrade offers a range of benefits. You don’t have to worry about frequent repairs or electrical emergencies since modern systems are more efficient and durable. Although these upgrades aren’t cheap, you can expect a sizeable return on investment in the long run. In addition, commercial lighting upgrades also offer better illumination, improved performance and productivity, increased safety, and enhanced system performance. Let’s look at the newer, more effective products and controls.

  • LEDs

Light-emitting diodes, or LEDs, use almost 80% less energy than incandescent bulbs. This significantly reduces your monthly energy costs, saving hundreds, if not thousands. In addition, LEDs last up to 25 times longer than conventional systems, making them the best commercial lighting solutions. If you want to upgrade from incandescent lights to LEDs, hire an electrician to inspect and install new fixtures.

  • CFLs

Compact fluorescent lights, or CFLs, use 70% to 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs and last ten times longer. Another benefit of these lighting solutions is the wide range of colors suited for various settings. Before installing CFLs, consult a professional electrical repair service, to ensure you choose the right fixtures.

  • Commercial Fluorescents

Fluorescent lighting options only use 1/5 as much energy as incandescent bulbs and last ten times longer. These overhead solutions offer comparable lumen ratings, allowing you to choose the ideal lighting intensity for various spaces. Fluorescents are common options for commercial lighting, but if you want more efficiency, we recommend LEDs or CFLs.

  • HIDs

High-intensity discharge lights, or HIDs, are great lighting solutions for warehouses and other commercial settings because of the highlight. We recommend HIDs in areas with a high risk of falls and slips.

These are some of the common commercial lighting upgrades business owners should know. Contact us at Mr. Electric of Dallas and schedule a consultation with a reputable electrician. We provide excellent lighting installation, repair, and maintenance services without breaking the bank.