Tips for Changing a Lightbulb

Tips for Changing a Lightbulb

May 09, 2019

Changing a lightbulb may seem simple, but the presence of electricity can make any task dangerous. At Mr. Electric of Dallas, we’re excited to offer premium commercial and residential electrical services for local customers. We enjoy helping North Texas homes and business owners have safe and dependable electrical systems, and we want the same for you. If you’re thinking of converting your old-fashioned bulbs to energy efficient LEDs, or your old light has finally given out, then here are some quick tips on how you can swap out your bulb without a problem. 

Shut Off the Electrical Power

The very first step is to turn off the electrical power that’s running to your light fixture. Forgetting this step could result in personal injury. If you’re unsure which circuit to shut off at the breaker, you can temporarily turn off power to the whole house. 

Let the Bulb Cool Down

Some lights can get very hot, so wait a few minutes and allow the bulb to completely cool before attempting to remove it. 

Set Up Your Ladder if Necessary

If the lightbulb is in an elevated location, use appropriate safety equipment, such as a ladder or scaffolding to avoid falling. 

Carefully Remove the Current Bulb

While many new LED lights are made from shatter resistant materials, CFLs, fluorescent lights and incandescent bulbs are very fragile and can break if mishandled. It can be easy to cut yourself or in certain cases, you could be exposed to toxic materials. Keep this in mind when you’re twisting or pulling the bulb out of place. 

Put the New Bulb into Place

Take your new bulb, and cautiously put it into place. Again, if you’re using a bulb made from fragile components, take extra precautions to protect yourself and loved ones. 

Restore Power to the Light

Make sure you are familiar with the light fixture and the bulb style. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to put the new light into place. Failing to install the bulb correctly could cause it not to work properly, damage the fixture or even start an electrical fire. When you’re sure the new light has been appropriately secured, restore power at the breaker box and test the light. 

Properly Dispose of the Removed Light Bulb

Many bulbs contain toxic materials, including gases and mercury. Regular incandescent bulbs can be disposed of in the trash can, but CFLs, fluorescent lights, halogen bulbs and similar varieties need to be handled differently. Be sure to take your bulbs to a facility that is specifically designed to dispose of them. 

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