Tips for Using a Generator Safely

Tips for Using a Generator Safely

February 09, 2023

Nothing is more frustrating than a sudden power outage and your backup power supply failing. Emergencies have the worst timing, whether caused by severe weather or other phenomena. Such inconveniences can be prevented by scheduling a professional generator installation. At Mr. Electric of Dallas, we can help you keep essential electrical and lighting facets functional during a blackout.

Like most appliances, your generator requires care to ensure it runs at high performance and meets the electrical needs of your devices. It is advisable to work with a certified electrician to familiarize yourself with the safety protocols and keep your home safe. Here are tips to consider whenever you are using your generator.

Proper Grounding

Grounding is necessary for a safe electrical system, and your generator is no exception. Generators produce significant power that can electrocute you, causing severe injuries. If you have a generator installation project lined up, ensure it is properly grounded before turning it on. The last thing you want is a fatal electrocution or fire hazard.

Disconnect from Your Normal Power Source

When there’s a power shortage following a local emergency, the first step is disconnecting your backup generator from the regular power supply before using it. Failing to do so sends power back to your utility lines, posing a threat to the workers at the power plant fixing the problem. This is a vital safety tip often emphasized by our electricians after generator installation or during routine maintenance inspections.

Positioning of Your Generator

Where you position your unit plays a vital role in guaranteeing the safety of your loved ones and home. We recommend installing the generator dioxide outside at least fifteen feet away from open windows. Generators run on fuel and emit enough carbon to make it a health and safety risk. In case of limited yard space, ensure your home is properly ventilated during an emergency. Proper air circulation indoors prevents suffocation and other effects of the odorless gas.

Keep Your Generator Dry

Electricity and water are a bad combo, even with your generator. People regularly affected by severe storms and heavy rainfall should shelter their generators to keep them dry. An exposed unit can seep into the water, causing devastating damages and costly repairs. If your generator is exposed to moisture, contact a certified electrician in Coppell, TX as soon as possible.

Maintain Adequate Fuel Levels

Emergency outages are unpredictable, and you never know how long you will need your backup. However, maintaining adequate fuel in the generator and storage ensures a continuous power supply. It also goes a long way to ensure your unit runs safely and efficiently throughout the emergency. Even with a lot of fuel, we recommend giving your unit time to cool before refueling.

These are critical tips to make the most of your backup power supply in an emergency. Contact us at Mr. Electric of Dallas and schedule a consultation with our representatives. We guarantee top-notch generator installation and maintenance services at pocket-friendly rates.