What Causes Flickering Lights? 

What Causes Flickering Lights? 

December 29, 2023

Flickering lights can disrupt the harmony of your living space. Malfunctioning lighting fixtures make it difficult to read or concentrate and signal underlying problems that prompt the expertise of a professional electrical repair service. An occasional flicker might not be a cause for concern. If you experience frequent flickering, call Mr. Electric of Dallas. Here are the common causes of flickering lights that should be addressed quickly.

Overloaded Circuits

Overloaded circuits are the most common cause of flickering lights. This occurs when too many electrical devices draw power from a single circuit, exceeding its capacity. When the demand for electricity exceeds what the circuit can handle, lights may flicker. We can redistribute your electrical load by plugging devices into different outlets or installing additional circuits if necessary to address the problem. Once you notice signs of a malfunction, consult an electrician for a thorough assessment and solution.

Loose Light Bulb

Sometimes, flickering lights are caused by a loose light bulb. Vibrations from nearby machinery or a fixture that’s not properly screwed in can cause irregular flickering. This is an easy fix! Turn off the light, let the bulb cool down if it’s been on, and tighten the bulb back into place. We recommend hiring an electrical repair service for regular inspections, ensuring all bulbs are secured properly to prevent this minor problem.

Voltage Problems

Voltage fluctuations are another major factor contributing to flickering lights. If the voltage supplied to your home is unstable, it can cause inconsistent lighting. High-voltage surges and low-voltage drops can cause flickering. The most common causes of voltage problems include your utility provider or issues within your home’s electrical system. If you suspect voltage problems, contact your utility company or a trusted electrician for help.

Utility Service Issue

Flickering lights might only sometimes start within your home. Sometimes, the problem lies with your utility service. Utility service problems can include damaged power lines, subpar transformers, or issues at the power generation level. When these external factors impact the quality of electricity reaching your home, it can manifest as flickering lights. If so, report the issue to your utility provider, ensuring they make the correct repairs to restore stable power.

Ignoring Electrical Maintenance

Neglecting routine electrical maintenance can exacerbate flickering light issues. Electrical systems deteriorate over time, and connections can become loose or corroded. If you haven’t had your electrical system inspected in years, these issues may be likely contributing to your flickering lights. Regular maintenance by a qualified electrician can identify and address potential problems before they cause more significant issues, including flickering lights.

While flickering lights are frustrating, they can also serve as a valuable indicator of underlying electrical problems. If you need help with the cause or how to resolve flickering lights, contact us at Mr. Electric of Dallas for a thorough assessment and effective solutions. We leverage extensive expertise and knowledge to provide quality services at competitive rates. Remember, before attempting DIY solutions, electrical safety should always be a top priority in any home.