Why You Should Get Power Surge Protection This Winter

Why You Should Get Power Surge Protection This Winter

October 31, 2021

If you think a power surge is only likely during a thunderstorm, then think again. A power surge is also likely during a winter storm and investing in power surge protection can end up saving you thousands of dollars. This is especially true nowadays as households have more electronic equipment, appliances, and devices than ever. Fortunately, a whole-home surge protection is just one call away. Mr. Electric of Dallas is proud to offer reliable and affordable service. Call now to consult with a representative and schedule your flexible appointment. We are ready when you are.

How A Power Surge Happens in the Winter

A power surge is just as it sounds: a sudden surge of electrical power. This usually happens in three ways: when the flow of electricity is interrupted, when an increased delivery of power is interrupted when electricity is sent flowing back into the system, or when excess voltage is sent through the power system.

During the wintertime, a power surge can happen due to a variety of reasons:

  • Ice and fallen trees can bring down power lines and cause a power surge in the grid.
  • Strong winter winds can cause wires to come into contact with one another.
  • Trees and animals conducting energy between live wires.
  • Blackouts due to increased energy usage.
  • Arcing from damaged power lines.
  • And more.

The Costs of a Power Surge

A sudden spike in voltage can overheat wires, potentially causing an electrical fire. Even smaller power surges can be costly as they can fry your electrical devices, equipment, and appliances. As you can imagine, the cost of repairing or replacing those computers, smart phones, or appliances can easily run in the thousands of dollars. It should come as no surprise that the average insurance claim for power surge and related damage is over $4,000. Of course, there is also the inconvenience of having to go without those electronics until repaired or replaced.

The Cost of Power Surge Protection

There are many different types of surge protection including whole-house surge protection as well as point-of-use protection. A combination of these two can provide a great safeguard against a power surge. The price of the installations will vary, but it will pale in comparison to how much damage a power surge can cause. When you consider the potential damage to your electronic devices and appliances, the price of a power surge protection installation is a drop in the bucket.

When you choose Mr. Electric of Dallas for your power surge protection installation, you can get a free price estimate upfront. Don’t forget to check around our website to find applicable discounts, coupons, and promotional offers.

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