Would Your Home Pass an Electrical Safety Inspection?

Would Your Home Pass an Electrical Safety Inspection?

December 26, 2018

Consider how frequently you use electricity on daily basis, you should also check if your appliances are functioning as effectively as they should, this will ensure that you don’t expose your home to fire accidents. You can schedule an electrician for electrical inspection service with Mr. Electric of Dallas if you are purchasing a new home, or your home is older than 40 years, you recently remodel your home, or you just purchased a new modern electrical appliance.

If your home still relies on old knob and tube wiring, or there are broken carbon monoxide detectors or smoke alarms, then you need an electrical safety inspection and upgrade. Similarly, when new lighting fixtures are installed on old wiring, or there are overcrowded wires, or there are illegally spliced wires or there are non-IC ranked recessed light directly in contact with attic insulation, please contact Mr. Electric of Dallas for an electrical inspection. 

Electrical inspection for the bathroom and kitchen

Electrical demands for the kitchen require that each motorized appliance must have its own circuit, for instance, the dishwasher and microwave. Electrical appliances like oven and cooktop must have dedicated 240-volt circuit. There should be at least 2 receptacle circuits installed over the countertop. 

For the bathroom, there should be a dedicated 20-amp circuit for the fan, heater, and lighting. There must be a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters) to ground all electrical outlets and all the light fixtures located in the tub or shower must be covered with lens and must be moisture resistant. 

Electrical inspection for the laundry, dining, living and bedrooms

For the laundry room, each washer and dryer must be plugged into their own 20-amp receptacle, while the electric dryer must possess its own 240-Volt circuit. For the living, dining, and bedrooms, there must be wall switches installed behind the entry doors, and these switches can be used to control lights lamps and bulbs. The ceiling fixtures must be controllable by wall switches and not through a pull chain. Outlets must not be installed at more than 12 feet apart. 

Hallways, staircases, and Garage

For the Hallways, lights must be located enough along the hallway and staircases to prevent shadow casting. There must be an outlet for general purposes on hallways longer than 10 feet. Three-way switches must be installed at the bottom and top of each staircase and at both ends of each hallway. If there is a turn at a staircase or corridor, then extra lighting must be installed to create an illumination in the region. 

For the garage, make sure at least one switch is installed to control the lighting, this should be an addition to the door light of the garage. Make sure you install a three-way switch at the side door of the garage, as well as the door that leads out of the garage. Make sure you have at least one GFCI installed in its own circuit, in the garage. 

 Mr. Electric of Dallas offers an affordable and 100% reliable electrical inspection, installation, repair, replacement and upgrade services.