Best Electrical Appliances for Your Kitchen

Best Electrical Appliances for Your Kitchen

March 01, 2019

Do you enjoy eating gourmet meals, but prefer not to spend hundreds of dollars for each night for dinner? Invest your cash in these premium electrical appliances, and become your own chef. At Mr. Electric of Dallas, we enjoy helping our North Texas customers find ways to get the most out of their electrical systems and offer reliable elecltrical repair, appliance circuit installation and 24 hour electrical service. Here are just a few kitchen appliances that can help you eat like royalty, without spending a fortune. 

Sous Vide

Want to know the secret to juice, tender, perfectly caramelized steaks? Sous vide is a technique that executive chefs use in most five star restaurants. The steak, or any choice cut of meat, is placed into a vacuum sealed bag and put into a heated, circulated water bath for an hour or more. In the past, these instruments were relatively large, expensive and impractical for people to keep in their homes. However, thanks to new technologies, an aspiring culinary artist can purchase a high-quality sous vide machine for less than $200. 

Vacuum Sealer

If you’re going to invest in a sous vide, then a vacuum sealer is also a necessity. Of course, there are many other benefits to purchasing these handy devices. You can buy quality produce on sale at the grocery store, or from a stand at the farmer’s market, and keep it fresh long term by vacuum packing the food before storing it in the freezer. You can also lock in flavors or age meat for better flavor and increased tenderness. And, for the low price point, this versatile device is definitely one to keep handy in your kitchen cabinet or pantry shelf.

Single Burner Induction Cooktop

If you also love saving time when cooking dinner, then you’ll love having a portable single burner induction cooktop. These incredible appliances have already been popular in Europe, but are becoming more common in kitchens in the United States as well. Rather than using electricity or gas alone, the induction cooktops utilize an electromagnetic field, which can boil water in half the time. Also, they are much more energy efficient than conventional stovetops. 

Pressure Cooker

Pressure cookers also speed up the process of cooking whole foods. In fact, they can reduce your cooking time by almost 65%, depending on the recipe. If you love to cook from scratch, then you’ll enjoy having one of these available when cooking beans, soups, roasts and other meals that can take all day long in a traditional slow cooker. They can also be used for canning, so if you like to make your own gourmet sauces and vegetables for long term storage, then this appliance is for you. 

Coffee Grinder

Make your own fresh coffee with a professional grade grinder. The ability to set your grind will provide you with an opportunity to kick your morning joe to the next level. Make Turkish coffee, use a coffee press or treat yourself to an espresso, all with the help of this one affordable and easy to use appliance.

High Speed Blender

Sauce makers and smoothie drinkers will love using a high-speed blender to make their meal preparations easier and faster. Best of all, high speed blenders allow you to create your own peanut butter, gourmet flour and other amazing treats for less. 

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Is your kitchen’s wiring and circuits outdated? Many older homes weren’t designed to accommodate the many tools and appliances available for modern families. If you’re interested in a large appliance installation, more kitchen outlets, a wiring upgrade or a new dedicated circuit, then call Mr. Electric of Dallas today to schedule a local electrician in your area.