Electrical Blanket Safety

Electrical Blanket Safety

February 22, 2019

Electric blankets can bring comfort and relaxation. They can provide extra warmth when it’s cold, or ease sore muscles and body pains when we’re trying to get through the day. However, improper use of electrical blankets can cause more harm than good, especially if it causes a fire. At Mr. Electric of Dallas, we enjoy providing our local North Texas customers with new ways to improve the safety and efficiency of their electrical system. Here are a few tips for taking care of your electric blanket so you can enjoy the benefits without worry. 

Always Turn Off When Not in Use

If you’re using the blanket during the daytime, it can be easy to walk away and forget you left it on. Unfortunately, leaving the electric blanket unattended is a recipe for disaster. Get in the habit of turning the blanket off the moment you get up, to avoid potential problems. 

Keep Away from Children, Elderly and People with Disabilities

Young children, infants, elderly adults and people with certain disabilities need to avoid using an electrical blanket without proper supervision. They could suffer harm from overheating or might overlook a dangerous situation that could otherwise be prevented. 

This includes leaving the blanket on overnight. 

Avoid Pinching the Wires and Cords

Accidentally pinching the wires or cords can cause damage to electrical components, exposing the user to electrical dangers. Take care when using on a sofa or bed, and make sure parts of the blanket aren’t slipping beneath chair legs, or getting caught behind a cushion. Also, be cautious when folding away for storage.

Watch Your Pets Around the Blanket

Your dog or cat may love to cuddle next to the warmth of the blanket, but be careful. Animals may accidentally claw, scratch or bite their way through the wiring. Doing so can not only create a fire hazard, but they might get shocked as well. 

Never Use an Iron or Use Liquid Cleaning Products

Leave the wrinkles alone. Use an electrical blanket for practical purposes rather than focusing on aesthetics. Ironing, dry cleaning or using liquid cleaning products on your electric blanket can melt or otherwise damage the delicate wires beneath the fabric. 

Discard if You Notice Any Problems

If you notice that a wire has suffered from damage of any kind, toss it out. While replacing your worn out electric blanket will require an additional investment, it is well worth it. Neglecting to do so can put you and your loved ones in danger. Before each use, look for warning signs like discoloration and scorch marks, torn fabric or broken wires. Check to see if your blanket is still under warranty, and you might be able to get a replacement.

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