Boost Your Outdoor Fun with Solar Panels

Boost Your Outdoor Fun with Solar Panels

June 10, 2019

Texas summers are known for big blue skies and a lot of extra sunshine. Why not use it to add fuel to your fun outdoor adventures. Many families across the state push their electrical systems to the max to throw backyard barbecues, pool parties and children’s birthday bashes. Unfortunately, those memorable outdoor adventures often come with an equally unforgettable electric bill. At Mr. Electric of Dallas, our local electricians enjoy helping our clients get the most from their electrical system. Are you ready to have fun this summer, without worrying about a steep increase in utility costs? Then use these exciting high tech solar powered devices to play all day without depleting your checking account. 

Solar Lighting for a Beautiful Nighttime Entertainment Space

Do you love coming home from work in the summer and relaxing on your backyard patio or deck? Whether you’re looking for everyday enjoyment for your family, or you’re planning a massive party for the Fourth of July, solar lighting can help you achieve the perfect ambiance. Today’s solar lights come in a wide array of styles and models to match your needs and décor. 

Small Solar Gadgets for Landscaping and Outdoor Activities

The marketplace also has thousands of high tech gadgets that can transform your boring backyard into an entertainment paradise. Whether you want a beautiful water feature to show off your gorgeous gardening skills, or you’re ready to impress the crowd with solar speakers and an ice free cooler that offers refreshing drinks all day long, there’s sure to be exciting solar powered technology to support any activity you have planned. 

Portable Solar Panels Offer High Powered Fun for the Family

Is your family planning a quick getaway in the wilderness? Few things can disrupt your connection with nature like a noisy gas powered generator. Switch to a portable solar panel like those offered by Goal Zero, and you’ll have all the electricity needed to keep your smart phones charged and your campfire lights dazzling well into the night. 

Make Your Whole Home Energy Efficient with Help from Mr. Electric

Do you want more creative ways to decrease your electricity costs without missing out on all the summertime fun? There are many ways to use today’s advanced technology to empower your modern lifestyle. Smart energy monitors provide real time data and analytics so you can make informed decisions that offer a quick return on investment. Smart lighting systems allow you to use special features like dimming, color changing LEDs, timers, Alexa and Google Home integrations and remote control. High tech thermostats can offer a consistent and comfortable indoor climate that maximizes efficiency. And, a professional solar panel installation can give your family all the energy it needs to stay ahead of the game. 

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