How to Reduce Energy Waste on Your Pools and Spas

How to Reduce Energy Waste on Your Pools and Spas

June 17, 2019

Installing a swimming pool and hot tub offers escape from the heat during the summer, warmth in the winter and entertainment all year long. However, owning a pool or spa can also push your utility costs to the max. With electricity and water costs on the rise in many cities across America, more households are trying to find ways to limit their consumption. At Mr. Electric of Dallas, we enjoy helping our North Texas clients improve the safety and efficiency of their electrical systems. Do you want some tips on how to enjoy your backyard oasis without losing a fortune? Then read below to find out more. 

Why Energy Conservation is Important for Pool and Spa Owners

Many people forget about how much of an impact their pool or spa can have on their monthly budget. Households with pools often experience a noticeable rise in utilities every season of the year. Many families find themselves scrambling to replace appliances and make other common changes, never realizing that their pool or hot tub is still consuming a huge amount of electricity and water. If you truly want to reduce your costs, then it’s important to address every contributing factor, including your swimming pool, hot tub and other recreational features of the home. 

Energy Saving Tips for Pools

There are several features of a pool that requires electricity, including heating, lighting and filtration. If you have temperature settings for your swimming pool, try to improve the temperature of your water by using passive solar energy. Covering the pool at night can also help in many ways. A quality cover will lower evaporation, insulate the pool and can even reduce the need for excessive filtration and chemical use. Consider using alternative lighting solutions for your pool during night time dips, such as solar powered LED lights that float on the surface of the water or fit on the side of the pool. Energy efficient landscape lighting can also help improve the safety and atmosphere of your family and guests.  

Energy Saving Tips for Spas

For hot tubs, heating efficiency is the number one priority for families who want to save more over time. Again, keeping the cover on your hot tub is essential. The smaller amount of water is more susceptible to evaporation and cooling, so be sure to properly place the cover on your spa when not in use. For the same reasons, be sure to keep the area of your spa well insulated so it can better retain heat. Also, lowering the temperature settings slightly can improve the overall energy usage. 

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