Can My Business Invest In a Wind Turbine?

Can My Business Invest In a Wind Turbine?

July 07, 2018

Wind turbines are increasingly becoming a popular source of energy generation across the United States because it is renewable. Given that energy generation from wind is considerably easier, more and more people are showing interest in investing in wind turbine. 

But the downside of wind turbine is that it is capital intensive. Yes, it is. But there are other sources of renewable energy generation way cheaper than wind turbines and as an investor, you can be pretty sure of your ROI. Would you like to know them? Good. Join us as we take you through the world of renewable energy sources.

Sources of Renewable Energy good for investment

If you are looking to invest in renewable energy sources, here is a rundown of the list that will interest you:

Renewable Energy Credits (REC) 

Just as the name connotes, Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) is an energy plant that has the capacity to generate one megawatt-hour of electricity from green-energy sources and can be fed into grids for onward transmission and distribution. Also called Renewable Energy Certificates, REC represents the energy which is generated for or by a small or medium size enterprises. REC is renewable because its energy is generated because of the flow of electrons. Investing in REC will be profitable in the future.

Wind-Energy Stock

This is another source of renewal energy. Wind-energy stock is an area of energy generation that many renowned energy-generating companies are investing in. Take, for instance, General Electric and Vesta Wind Farm Technologies are some of the known name harnessing the huge potentials of this sector and for sure, their stocks aren’t going down anytime soon.

Wind-Farm Yieldco

Created in 2013, Wind-farm Yieldco was designed and developed by the independent US power producer, NRG Energy. They have, however, become popular over time, yielding huge return on investment for its investors. Its dividends are paid to the investors. Promoted by SunEdison Inc., Wind-Farm Yieldco energy source could be also solar. 

Installation Cost

One factor you must take into consideration the minute you settle for any of the highlighted green-energy sources is the cost of installation. Basically, their prices vary from one market to another. Take, for instance, while RECs can be expensive where RECs are purchased according to state regulatory requirements, they could be a lot cheaper in the southeast. Truly, RECs are cheaper in the southeast because there are concerted efforts by electricity providers and consumers to support new renewable energy plans. 

Making the right investment decision

Still confused on the renewable energy to invest in?

Mr. Electric of Dallas has experienced energy investment expects that can give you direction. However, we also offer sales and installation of durable renewable energy plants that come with a year warranty. Committed to delivering high-quality products to our teeming clients, Mr. Electric of Dallas also offer after-sales support service and we ensure that clients get memorable customer service experience for every product purchased. 

Our Services 

Mr. Electric of Dallas offer the under-listed range of energy plant services:

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