What’s a GFCI Outlet?

What’s a GFCI Outlet?

June 29, 2018

GFCI are essential safety components in any electrical system, they are quite easy and inexpensive to install. GCFI stands for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, are essential safety devices, needed for many reasons. Moisture-prone buildings, for instance, need this component for proper grounding of electrical systems to prevent electrocution. Mr. Electric of Dallas helps homes and commercial enterprises install original and affordable GFCI outlets.

What exactly does GFCI outlet do? 

Circuit breakers are different from other outlets because they are designed to protect the electrical systems in homes, hence the primary function of the GFCI is to protect individuals and animals from electrical shocks in homes. The GFCI can be easily identified, they do have the “test” and “reset” buttons on the surface. 

GFCI does not only prevent or reduce the risks of electrical shocks, it also helps homeowners prevent electrical fire accidents. It does this simply by monitoring electrical currents and then trips or cut the supply of electrical currents once it detects an imbalance or an excess electrical flow along an unintended path. The GFCI can thus be described as a super-sensitive and protective security system, especially through its faster response time. The GFCI is much faster than circuit breakers and fuses, hence it will respond even before electrical impulses affect your heartbeat negatively. The GFCI can also be made to work in electrical outlets that are not grounded. 

Where can I use a GFCI?

Mr. Electric of Dallas can help install the GFCI in diverse areas of the home, and by code, the GFCI is expected to be installed in wet or moist locations in order to protect people from electrical shocks. Commonest areas where the GFCI can be located are; Kitchens, bathrooms, Laundry, Garages and other outdoor areas such as patios, Crawlspaces and uncompleted basements, spas, pool areas, and wet bars. 

Why is the GFCI a safer alternative?

Before the coming of GFCI it is believed that no less than 800 people die annually from electrocutions in homes, however, the creation and design of GFCI has brought the numbers down to less than 200 on average, annually. Similarly, it is believed that electrical accidents are responsible for more than 144,000 fire accidents nationwide, with more than 4,000 injuries and hundreds of deaths. The GFCI is inexpensive and can be easily installed to replace traditional circuit breakers, and does not require any complex wiring, while providing the ultimate safeguard for people, against electrical accidents. 

Call Mr. Electric of Dallas for original GFCI installation services 

Consider the fact that the thing you don’t know may hurt you, hence it is very important that your GFCI is properly tested according to the safety and operational requirements or recommendations. Testing the GFCI is very easy, and experts recommend that the GFCI must be tested at least once a month and after major disasters such as storms. 

You can rely on the electrical services of Mr. Electric of Dallas, for the installation and testing of GFCI, this will ensure that the system is working effectively for the safety of everyone in your home.