Finding the Right Electrical Testing Equipment

Finding the Right Electrical Testing Equipment

August 19, 2019

Working with electricity in any capacity can be extremely dangerous. However, for minor troubleshooting, like testing a broken outlet, can be performed safely with the right equipment. At Mr. Electric of Dallas, we enjoy helping North Texas residents and businesses find ways to improve the efficiency of their electrical systems. Your safety is important to us as well, that’s why we want to offer a few tips on how to purchase the best home electrical testers. 

Why Electrical Testers Are Important Tools to Have

As previously stated, messing around with electricity can have drastic consequences. Rewiring, electrical repairs and installations should always be reserved for those with professional training and experience. With that said, sometimes home or business owners simply need to test their outlets or electrical panel to find out if they need to call an local certified electrician. Electrical testers are designed to detect small amounts of electrical current, something that is very important to know when you’re struggling with a faulty circuit. For those working on electrical repairs, having a tester is vital, because it helps them avoid electrical shock and injury while performing the task. Testers can also come in handy for routine household electrical maintenance, such as labeling circuits in your panel box and checking the condition of rarely used outlets. 

Common Varieties of Electrical Testers

There are many different types of electrical testers available at your local hardware store. Each of them offers their own benefits, here is a short description of the most commonly used:

Voltage Testers – They provide an accurate reading on electrical currents without the need to touch wires. They normally utilize a light panel and sound to indicate whether electricity is present. 

Receptacle Analyzer – These handy devices plug straight into the outlet and let you know if it is working properly or not. 

Circuit Breaker Finder – This two-part tool comes with a transmitter and receiver. Plug the transmitter into the outlet of your choice, then take the receiver to your panel box and it will beep or light up when hovering near the matching circuit breaker. 

Which is Best for You?

A voltage tester is very handy when you need to check a wire rather than an outlet, such as a lamp cord. The receptacle analyzer is simple to use and provides a fast and straightforward solution when you need to test an outlet. A circuit breaker finder is very helpful for mapping out the circuits in your home or pinpointing a dysfunctional circuit during a partial blackout. Choosing the correct device will really depend on your situation. It might be helpful to purchase one of each for a complete electrical testing arsenal in your toolbox. 

Are You Having Electrical Problems? Call Mr. Electric of Dallas Today

Did your electrical tester detect a problem with your outlet or circuit? Then call the experts at Mr. Electrical of Dallas. Our team of certified and insured electricians will come to your home or business with all the tools needed to properly diagnose and repair any electrical problem you have. We offer a wide range of electrical services for property owners in Dallas, North Dallas, Irving, Farmers Branch, Oak Lawn, Inwood, Arlington, Lake highlands, University Park, Highland Park Coppell, Texas and other DFW area communities. Call today to schedule your next appointment.