Repairing Electrical Issues in a Recreational Vehicle

Repairing Electrical Issues in a Recreational Vehicle

August 12, 2019

Electrical issues will eventually arise in any residence. However, when it comes to troubleshooting electrical problems inside recreational vehicles, many owners aren’t sure what to do. At Mr. Electric of Dallas, we take pride in offering high quality residential and commercial services for our North Texas clients. We enjoy helping people make their electrical systems safe and more effective, and want you to have similar results with your RV. Are you having electrical trouble with your motorhome, fifth wheel or travel trailer? Then here are some tips on how you can get your favorite RV back in working order fast. 

Common Electrical Problems in RV’s 

Just as with any electrical system, there are many reasons why problems can arise. For RV owners the following are the most common:

  • Circuit Board Damage
  • Solar Panel Malfunctions
  • Blown Fuses or Broken Breakers
  • Trouble with the 12 Volt or 120 Volt System

Troubleshooting Tips

First, if you’re plugged into someone else’s electrical system, like when camping at an RV Park, make sure the electrical issue isn’t caused by an external source. Once you’ve determined that the electrical failure is 100% created by your own internal RV system, then you can move forward. Always make safety your number one priority. Any time you work with electricity, you are at risk of shock and injury, that’s why it’s vital that you take the appropriate precautions to avoid unnecessary harm. First, take a look at your breaker. Power surges from new appliances or receiving too much power from the RV park could cause your breaker to trip. You may need to reset it. If you have an older RV, you may have fuses that have become damaged. Take a look at them to be sure you don’t need a repair or replacement. If you continue to discover blown fuses or tripped breakers, then there’s probably an underlying issue that will require more professional investigation. Most modern recreational vehicles also have ground fault indicators to protect owners against risks associated with exposure to water or moisture. It is designed to shut itself off if it senses trouble. Many of your RV appliances like your AC unit are likely plugged into a GFCI receptacle. Push the reset button on the outlet to see if it fixes the problem. If you’ve eliminated these culprits, you might be having a battery related issue. Be sure to check your battery for signs of trouble, if it is an older model, it could be time for a replacement. 

When to Call a Professional Electrician

Again, it is very dangerous for people to handle electricity without professional training. If you’ve checked the breakers, the GFCI outlets and the battery and are still suffering, then it’s best to call a certified electrician for help. An experienced electrician will have all the training and tools necessary to conduct a thorough inspection. Once the problem is identified, they will have the required equipment on hand to perform a repair, replacement or installation service. 

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