How Do Circuit Breakers Work?

How Do Circuit Breakers Work?

July 24, 2018

The circuit breaker is simply an automated electrical switch that is made to protect the electrical circuit from any damage, especially damages that can be caused by excessive current, electricity overload or short circuit. The basic function of circuit breakers is, therefore, to interrupt the flow of current when a fault has been detected. 

Circuit breakers are essential safety components of the home’s electrical system, but their abilities to protect the home will eventually slow down as they age. For this reason, you need professional circuit breaker electricians that are certified to carry out repairs and upgrades on your circuit breakers, in order to ensure that they deliver constantly. Contact Mr. Electric of Dallas if you are installing new circuit breakers or you need an upgrade to the existing electrical panel and you will surely get a professional service that you may not find anywhere else. 

The workings of the circuit breaker

The circuit breaker has a fuse, which is a thin wire that is protected inside a casing that leads into the circuit. All electrical charges will flow through the fuse when the circuit is closed, and it is the fuse that disintegrates, when there is an excess flow of current, especially when there is an electrical surge or a fault. The wire inside the fuse will burn up when there is an electrical issue, thus protecting the excess current from destroying appliances or causing fire accidents and electrical shocks. 

The issue with fuses is that they only work once, and you must replace them when they blow out. The circuit break also comprises of a simple switch connected to an electromagnetic strip. when the switch is flipped to the “On “position, current flows steadily but when the electricity reaches an unsafe level, the electromagnetic strip will simply pull the lever connected to the switch, to prevent any electrical damage to the electrical panel and the home. The switch can be flipped on once the problem has been rectified.

Mr. Electric of Dallas will upgrade your circuit breaker with the GFCI 

The GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter), is an advanced form of electric circuit breaker that is capable of monitoring electric current levels in homes. The GCFI is a more effective component when installing in the circuit breakers because it shuts down electric current faster than the usual circuit breakers, hence minor and major electrical damages can be avoided. Though the GFCI may be more expensive, but it offers a wider range of protection for your home and commercial premise, hence it is a viable investment. The GFCI comes with a hot wire that is connected to the ground, and one of the ways it prevents the electrocution of an individual is by breaking the circuit immediately the individual is exposed to naked electricity. 

The GFCI does not need to wait until there is a surge in electricity supply before it acts, it is much safer than ordinary circuit breakers. If you will like to install or upgrade your circuit breaker to meet the increasing electricity demands for your home or office, simply contact Mr. Electric of Dallas.