Why Does My Outlet Spark?

Why Does My Outlet Spark?

August 01, 2018

There are several reasons why your electrical outlets spark occasionally or frequently. Some electrical sparks can be dangerous and cause serious fire accidents in homes, however, some sparks can be normal and may not call for a serious concern. If you notice incessant sparks in your electrical outlets you should contact Mr. Electric of Dallas for an inspection and a lasting solution.

Different reasons why your electrical outlets spark

There are 5 reasons why your electrical outlets may spark, these are;

  • Normal sparks,
  • Short circuit,
  • Old outlets,
  • Exposure to water, and
  • Faulty outlet repairs

Normal sparks occur when something is plugged into the electrical outlet, and some of the electrical supplies are diverted to the outlet for use. When the appliance plugged quickly draws electricity from the outlet, then the action may cause a small spark- this type of spark must occur once, and the electricity starts to flow freely once again. You should not worry about normal sparks.

Short circuit sparks occur when too much heat has built up in the outlet. This excessive heating can cause insulation wires to melt and that can cause the wires to be exposed- this situation can cause fire accident; hence this type of spark must be taken seriously. The melting of insulation on the wires can cause electrons to move to the wrong area and cause incessant sparks. Call Mr. Electric of Dallas if you have constant short circuit sparks. 

Old outlets are more susceptible to short circuits because they tend to wear out as they age and that can cause the connections to such outlets to lose. Contact Mr. Electric of Dallas If there is a need to replace old outlets in your home or office, to avoid incessant sparks. 

Exposure of outlets to water can also cause sparks. If you have a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI), then this type of spark may not constitute any harm, if not, then you must contact a professional electrician right away! GFCI protects homeowners from electrical shocks that may occur because of the exposure of outlets to water. You need to ensure that you stop the exposure of your electrical outlets to water, in addition to having GFCI installed in your home. 

Faulty outlet repairs, especially those handled by unskilled and uncertified electricians can also cause incessant sparks in electrical outlets. Do not make any attempt to repair a faulty outlet by yourself because of the risks involved, rather, you should contact a professional electrician for an inspection and proper repairs. 

Mr. Electric of Dallas offers 100% genuine and reliable electrical outlet repair, replacement and Installation

Do not make your electrical outlet repairs complicate things for you, avoid carrying out repairs on your own. Mr. Electric of Dallas offers a completely affordable and reliable electrical outlet repair that will give you peace of mind. In addition to this, the professional electrician will also inspect your entire home or office electrical system in order to suggest possible upgrades that will reduce the risks of sparks and fire accidents.