How is Electricity Generated for Your Home?

How is Electricity Generated for Your Home?

October 19, 2020

In the modern world, electricity has become so common place that it is easy to take it for granted. After all, we merely need to flip a switch or plug in a device to enjoy the conveniences that technology offers. Yet many people still wonder how the electricity gets to their home in the first place. At Mr. Electric of Dallas, Texas, we provide high quality commercial and residential electrical services including annual inspections, wiring upgrades, energy audits, smart home device installation and integration, new circuit installations, indoor and outdoor lighting installation and replacement and so much more. If you are curious about the process of generating and transmitting electrical energy, then keep reading for some interesting and insightful information.

Generating Electricity

Electricity is most often generated by a nearby power plant using a rotating turbine. The turbines can be fueled by a wide variety of external energy sources. Examples of the most common methods of energy sources include coal, natural gas, water, wind and nuclear power. 

Transmitting Energy

Once the energy has been generated by the turbines, it needs to be safely transmitted from the power plant to individual homes and businesses throughout the region. This is done through a transmission line, where it is then sent to a nearby substation. From there it is safely administered through various distribution lines also known as a “power grid”. 


When the electricity leaves the substation, it goes through the powerlines and is directed toward pole-top transformers. This journey lowers the voltage at various stages of the process, so that when the energy makes its way into your home, it can power your appliances, lights and devices without overloading your circuits. As it comes through the service line, it is then connected to the internal electrical system installed inside your property. By the time you flip the switch, and send the electricity to your kitchen light fixture, the energy may have traveled several hundred miles from its original source. 

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