How to Dispose of CFL Bulbs Responsibly

How to Dispose of CFL Bulbs Responsibly

November 09, 2020

You may have heard about the incredible benefits that LED bulbs offer and are considering what to do with those worn out CFLs. Many people assume that it is fine to throw their CFL bulbs into the trash just like any other household item, but this is not the case. Large scale disposal of CFL lightbulbs can be harmful to the environment, so it is important that they are properly recycled. At Mr. Electric of Dallas, we offer premium residential and commercial electrical services including indoor and outdoor lighting installation, repair and replacement in Dallas, Texas and surrounding DFW area communities. If you want to be responsible while making the switch to LED lights, then read below for tips about proper disposal methods.

Benefits of Upgrading to LED Bulbs 

Many home and business owners are choosing to upgrade from CFL bulbs to LEDs due to their safety, widespread availability, affordable price tag and exceptional energy efficiency. While CFLs were once the most ecofriendly option, they are not as effective long term as modern LED bulbs.

Why Can’t CFL Bulbs Be Safely Thrown into the Garbage? 

CFL and fluorescent bulbs contain traces of mercury. A single bulb will not cause a major issue, but millions of CFL could quickly fill up landfills and put the environment at risk. There is no reason to risk contaminating your local ecosystem with mercury, so it is very important that you avoid throwing your bulb into the trash can. For this reason, it is best to recycle your CFL bulbs, so they can be handled appropriately. 

How to Properly Dispose of Your Old CFLs

Tossing your CFLs into the curbside recycling bin is not a viable option either. So, what is a homeowner to do, especially if the local recycling plant does not accept CFL lightbulbs? Thankfully, many corporations have created helpful recycling programs that make it fast and easy for individuals to get rid of their old bulbs without stress. Many hardware and home goods stores have introduced drop off bins. Examples include Home Depot, TrueValue, Lowe’s and Ikea, all of which offer drop off programs for hassle free recycling. Also, some of the bulb manufacturing companies will offer a mail in recycling option. If you want more information, read the label on your bulb’s packaging, call customer service or visit the company website to see if the producer of your existing bulbs offers this benefit. 

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