How to Avoid Electrical Fires This Winter

How to Avoid Electrical Fires This Winter

November 23, 2018

Are you getting ready for the coldest months of the year? Whether you’re prepping for a busy holiday season, or trying to keep your family warm, electricity will play a major role in creating safety and comfort for your loved ones over the next few months. Unfortunately, the winter season is often the time of year when homes and businesses are most susceptible to devastating electrical fires. At Mr. Electric of Dallas, we provide quality residential and commercial electrical repair services in Dallas, Highland Park, University Park, North Dallas, Lakewood, Arlington, Oak Lawn, Lake Highlands, Inwood and other surrounding North Texas communities. Here are a few tips for how you can avoid dangerous electrical fires this winter and all year long. 

Be Cautious When Decorating for the Holidays

Blinking Christmas lights, brightly decorated trees in your living room and rooftop robotic reindeer are all common sights that make the holiday season memorable. However, they also can pose a threat to the safety and wellbeing of your household and community if you aren’t taking the right precautions. Miles of exposed extension cords and overloaded circuits are a recipe for disaster. Consider limiting the electrical burden by using solar powered decorations outdoors, and implementing energy saving LED lights when possible. Consider minimizing electrical lights indoors, and opt to decorate your interior using beautiful, alternative materials. Plan ahead of time, and ensure that you have the appropriate number of indoor and outdoor circuits in place. If you need to install an extra circuit, it will be well worth the effort to keep your electrical system working efficiently long term. Try not to use extension cords unless it’s for a temporary situation where they will be properly observed. Leaving cords outdoors, exposed to snow and rain can lead to short circuits, electrocutions and fires. Not to mention, children and guests may be susceptible to tripping over the hidden cords lying around your grassy lawn. 

Make Sure There Are Enough Outlets to Accommodate Guests

Christmas lights and electronic holiday decorations are just a few of the items that will need a safe outlet. Many people often entertain overnight guests more often during the month of November and December. If your house is the designated place to party, then expect that each guest may need extra outlets to accommodate their needs. If you invite your grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins to stay with you, expect that each one of them will need space to charge their cell phones, tablets and laptops. They will also need safe GFCI circuits in the bathroom for blow dryers, curling irons and electric razors. If your bathrooms aren’t already equipped with GFCI circuits, be sure to upgrade before anyone arrives. 

Take Precautions When Cooking for a Crowd

Are you planning to prepare multiple feasts this winter? Cooking dinner for the family can be stressful enough, but making meals for large crowds can be even more frustrating. Don’t become overwhelmed. Plan your cooking schedule in advance, so you aren’t rushing through your kitchen. Doing so can lead to fires caused by burned food and washcloths or oven mitts left too close to the stove top. During these chaotic times, kitchens are also frequently overloaded with additional small appliances. If you plan on breaking out the espresso machine, air fryer, stand mixer and crock pot all at the same time, make sure you have enough circuits to handle the extra plugs. 

Practice Safety When Using Space Heaters 

Space heaters are a leading cause of electrical related fires across the country. You may want to keep your family and friends warm when visiting your house, but be careful to take the appropriate safety measures. Never run a space heater in an unoccupied room, keep blankets and other flammable objects far away from them and try not to have multiple units running simultaneously as they may overload your circuits. 

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