How to Install a Dimmer Switch

How to Install a Dimmer Switch

November 02, 2018

If there are lights in and outside of your home that cause you to cover your eyes when turned on, you may need a dimmer switch to make such lights more comfortable. Dimmer switch also creates an amazing ambiance. Please contact Mr. Electric of Dallas for an easy installation of a dimmer switch. 

Not all bulb types can be dimmed, hence, you must check their specifications before purchasing. The next step is to gather all necessary tools, these include; screwdrivers, wire strippers, Voltage detector, a Dimmer switch (this could be single or three-way), and a flashlight. 

Put off the power and remove the old switch 

Do not cut light switch, simply cut the power at the breaker box and make use of a voltage detector to ensure that power is cut before you touch the wires.

Remove the old switch by unscrewing and removing the switch plate cover, then make use of wire strippers to loosen the wires in the ends, in order to remove the old switch. 

Make sure you check the instructions on the dimmer switch product, especially the arrangement of the wires. The black wires should go into the dimmer while the green wire is the copper or ground wire. 

Choose the right installation type

For the single pole dimmer switch (lights turn on and off at a single location), make sure the green wire is connected to the exposed copper wire inside the wall box and twist the wire ends with a connector cut. Next step is to connect the dimmer wires (black wires) to the house wires that could be black, red or white, then tighten the ends with wire nuts. To connect the three-way dimmers, contact Mr. Electric of Dallas because of the complex nature of such connection. 

Put everything back together after installation

Once the wires have been attached, install the switch into its electrical box, and then install the cover plate. Keep in mind that not all bulbs can work with the dimmer switch, for this reason, you may have to replace the old bulb with a new one that works with a dimmer switch. Once you are done with the installation, put the power back on and the dimmable light should work, if not, simply contact Mr. Electric of Dallas. 

Make sure you follow all safety rules by confirming that the tripping of the circuit breaker, similarly, ensure that the wire is looped around the screw to avoid the wire pulling out after a while. Simply loop the wire in a “U” direction before the screw is tightened and the ends must be pinched together. Make sure that bare wires are not exposed, then trim the ends and make sure you recap, when necessary. 

If you are not sure about what you are about to do, please contact a professional electrician at Mr. Electric of Dallas for the right type of dimmer switch and bulb. Do not take a risk you can’t handle. Mr. Electric of Dallas offers 100% reliable and efficient dimmer switch installation.