How to Choose an Outdoor Ceiling Fan

How to Choose an Outdoor Ceiling Fan

June 18, 2022

Having an outdoor ceiling fan installation outside will be a great addition to your porch or patio, especially during the summer months when the weather and humidity can suffocate you. There are many ceiling fan options to choose from when browsing the internet, so it can be overwhelming. Mr. Electric is here to help you narrow down your options by sorting through different factors that will allow you to pick the best outdoor ceiling fan for your home.

Things to Consider When Looking for an Outdoor Fan

Environmental Conditions

Fans are made up of a variety of materials, all of which have a different reason to support the fan. Depending on the area you live in and the different weather conditions your fan will have to endure, you will have to choose a fan that is specifically designed for those conditions.

If your fan is going to be enclosed on more than one side, then a damp-rated fan will be suitable enough. They can withstand moisture and humidity, making them an ample choice for both outdoor spaces like patios and indoor bathrooms. On the other hand, a wet-rated fan will be more suitable for gazebos or pergolas because they’re equipped to sustain direct contact with moisture and rain. Another type of weather-resistant fan is a coastal ceiling fan. Usually, in coastal areas, the seawater spreads a lot of salt into the air, causing rust to form on your fan. A coastal ceiling fan is designed to withstand tough weather conditions that can be seen in coastal areas. Every fan type is designed to be used in different conditions, so you’ll have to look into which type of weather conditions you’ll be facing in your living area. An affordable electrician from Mr. Electric can complete the installation for you when you’ve chosen the fan you want to install in your home.

What Size?

Fans come in all shapes and sizes, each one unique with its own characteristics. The average ceiling fan is about 52 inches in diameter. According to your room space and where the fan will be placed, the sizes can vary from smaller to larger. If your fan is placed in the center of the ceiling, a standard size will be sufficient to spread the air around the room. If an outdoor area has a space that is designed to have two separate rooms conjoined into one, you can choose to have two smaller fans placed in each small room. A professional can step in and examine the dimensions of the room and give suggestions about which fan would be appropriate as well.


While selecting potential new ceiling fans for your outdoors, remember to keep your budget in mind too. An outdoor ceiling fan installed for patios, for example, can cost from $100 to $300. However, if the area doesn’t have the equipment needed to support a fan unit, the price range can increase to around $500 to $1500. This is because the price will include having a ceiling fan installation as well as installing an electric box, circuits, etc. if your outdoor area isn’t wired to support a fan installation, call an electrician from Mr. Electric to work on the necessary setup.