Setting up an Outdoor Kitchen? Understand Electric Essentials

Setting up an Outdoor Kitchen? Understand Electric Essentials

June 26, 2022

Having an outdoor kitchen is great for many things, including family barbecues, preparing quick summer drinks, and it’s a great hangout spot when you’re with friends. Most homeowners pay great attention to the appearance of their outdoor kitchens, but let’s not forget the main factor that needs your attention: the electrical features. After all, how are you going to enjoy the breezy nights and easy conversations without proper lighting and electricity? There are some electric essentials that need to be brought to your attention for the ultimate outdoor kitchen experience. If you want to use your outdoor kitchen appliances to their greatest potential, then it would be best to follow the essentials Mr. Electric recommends. While dealing with electrical matters, some homeowners may not feel comfortable attempting the task themselves. Feel free to call an electrician in Carrollton, TX if you don’t feel suitable for the job.

Your Electrical Needs

Before starting to build your outdoor kitchen, you’ll need to make sure you have all the required permits allowing you to start the construction. Depending on what you’ll be building, your permits will most likely consist of a construction permit, electrical permit, and plumbing permit.

After getting your permits, you need to figure out where to place your outdoor kitchen. It should be a spot where you will have access to electrical outlets and close to the circuit breaker. You will be needing access to electrical outlets for your kitchen appliances.

Now that the location of the outdoor kitchen has been finalized, it’s time for picking up appliances and lighting installation. Refrigerators, grills, and smokers are some appliances that go with outdoor kitchens. If you need help choosing the right lighting for your kitchen, call a competent electrician to guide you through what’s best suitable for your kitchen area.

GFCI Outlet

A GFCI, or a ground fault circuit interrupter, monitors the electrical currents moving through a circuit. If something goes wrong and the current goes into a short circuit, or power spreads to somewhere it shouldn’t be going, the GFCI will cut the electricity at once. These are essential when it comes to areas that are near water. It’s best if they are installed everywhere around the home, but they are absolutely needed for risky areas like bathrooms and outdoor kitchens. Your safety comes first, so make sure you install some GFCI outlets while constructing your outdoor kitchen.

What You Need to Do

Knowing the proper requirements for having an outdoor kitchen and using it safely is something all homeowners should do. Prepare your permits, determine the location of the kitchen, install safety outlets, and pick appliances. These are some electric essentials that you should have on your to-do list if you’re thinking of getting an outdoor kitchen. Have Mr. Electric by your side when sorting through electric outlet installations and light fixtures. Our experienced professionals have the skills needed to tackle electrical issues, so we’ll be able to install or replace anything you’re having trouble doing yourself. Find out more about the electric essentials of having an outdoor kitchen by reaching out to us.