How to Choose the Perfect Exterior Light Fixtures

How to Choose the Perfect Exterior Light Fixtures

November 23, 2022

Do you dread spending time on your back porch because of poor lighting? Is your home’s entryway dull and uninviting? If so, it may be time you hire an electrician for professional exterior lighting installation. Mr. Electric of Dallas can help you update the exterior features of your premises, bringing life to your outdoor spaces and boosting the overall curb appeal. At the same time, DIY alternatives seem like a cost-effective solution; if you don’t know where to start, you risk compromising the functionality and aesthetics of your home.

We provide strategic outdoor lighting installation to make your home warmer and more inviting. There are many factors to consider when selecting outdoor light fixtures, hence the need to onboard an electrician. Here’s how to select fixtures that enhance your space and exterior décor.


When choosing outdoor lighting fixtures, we aim to balance light that dominates the entire exterior façade and light that illuminates a portion of your space. Avoid light that’s too large, as it appears clunky and takes the focus from other features in your dwelling. Although size depends on the location, a driveway or side yard calls for a larger light, whereas your front door requires ornate light. Industry experts recommend fixtures approximately ¼ the height of the entryway or front door.

Color and Style

Once you have the right size, ensure your light fixtures coordinate with the style scheme of your exterior to enhance the aesthetic appeal. Homes with brass doorknobs and fixtures pair nicely with light fixtures with a similar brass finish. Selecting the right color and style with the required lighting knowledge and expertise can take time and effort. Still, a trusted electrician can handle all the heavy lifting from selection to lighting installation and maintenance.


The goal of exterior lighting installation is to brighten certain areas without being overbearing. This depends on the purpose and placement of the light, which can be challenging for an inexperienced person. Driveways, side yards, and garages need brighter fixtures, but utility-type fixtures are a great alternative to optimize illumination.

The front door, porch, and rear deck lights often require softer or dimmer lighting to create a welcoming and cozy atmosphere. Since they are outdoor lighting fixtures, we recommend installing long-lasting LED bulbs.

Mounting Height

Another vital factor for achieving the desired appeal is the mounting height of your light fixture. Most wall-mounted lights are approximately eye-level, enhancing the overall appeal of your property. This height is about 66 to 72 inches above the floor for most entries, front doors, and garages. It is advisable to hire an expert electrician to ensure your outdoor fixtures meet all the specifications based on their function and location.

Updating or adding exterior lighting fixtures goes a long way toward improving outdoor spaces and increasing property value. Let us help you transform your exterior into a welcoming, appealing space with quality light fixtures. Contact us today at Mr. Electric of Dallas and schedule a consultation with our representatives. We provide various services at competitive market rates, from lighting installation to routine maintenance.