Outdoor LED Lighting: What Are the Advantages?

Outdoor LED Lighting: What Are the Advantages?

November 16, 2022

In improving the aesthetics and function of your property, outdoor lighting is an excellent option. There is a good deal of different lighting and depending on where and how you want to use them comes with distinct advantages. Mr. Electric of Dallas has a professional and experienced team ready to help you choose the most suitable lighting for your landscape. The most preferred lighting for outdoor spaces is LED, but it is advisable to consult a certified electrician to ensure they are right for you. Here are some benefits of outdoor LED lighting.

Cost Efficient

LED is the best option if you are looking for quality outdoor lighting without breaking the bank. This is one of the biggest advantages and is recommended for outdoor spaces. LED bulbs use nearly 90% less energy than halogen and incandescent light bulbs. They use less energy increases their durability, saving money in the long run. You don’t have to worry about hiring an electrician for frequent outdoor lighting replacement or a shockingly high utility bill.

A Variety of Color Tints and Options

Led lights offer a wide range of color options, giving you flexibility in your selection in designing your outdoor lighting. We recommend working with a professional electrician to ensure you make the best decision for your lighting. The last thing you want is to buy lighting that is not compatible, compromising the desired atmosphere and mood. Leverage our extensive industry knowledge and expertise to match the variety of colors and tints for your garden or patio. We handle everything from outdoor lighting installation to regular maintenance, ensuring everything is in tip-top condition.

Lighting Large Spaces

It is difficult to duplicate light intensity in multiple areas when installing traditional light bulbs. However, LED lights can easily achieve the same effect with fewer bulbs, making them the best option for outdoor lighting. Whether you are trying to light your patio or deck, LEDs produce an intense light with the most bang. It would not be easy to achieve the same effect with traditional light bulbs, which is another reason you should opt for LED.

More Intense Light

Besides offering variety and cost-efficient lighting, LED lights appear brighter than traditional lighting. This is usually observed in twilight or similar conditions before outdoor lighting takes full effect. So, suppose there’s an area in your backyard that requires good lighting, like an outdoor kitchen. In that case, strategic outdoor lighting installation provides sufficient light to enhance safety and function. Our trained electrician can help optimize your outdoor lighting, alleviating minor inconveniences associated with traditional lighting.

Fewer Bugs

Some LED lights offer an added advantage: they don’t attract unwanted critters like bugs. There’s nothing more annoying than relaxing on your patio, but there are bugs everywhere. Luckily, an electrician knows which LED lighting attracts fewer bugs, improving the quality of your outdoor spaces. You can enjoy a BBQ or swim in your backyard without worrying about insect bites.

These are some advantages we get from using LED lighting outdoors. Contact us at Mr. Electric of Dallas to learn more about suitable lighting options for your home. We guarantee top-notch services at competitive market rates.