How to Clean Ceiling Fans Quickly and Safely

How to Clean Ceiling Fans Quickly and Safely

September 21, 2020

Ceiling fans can help homeowners stay comfortable while saving money and reducing energy consumption. However, for those who truly want to maximize their return on investment, cleaning and maintenance is the key to ensuring longevity and dependability. At Mr. Electric of Dallas, we offer premium residential and commercial electrical services for North Texas home and business owners, including ceiling fan installation, repairs and replacements. Are you looking for tips on how to properly clean your ceiling fans? Here is some helpful information that can help you achieve your goals. 

Why It is Important to Keep Your Ceiling Fans Clean 

Dusty ceiling fans can cause a lot of issues for homeowners, especially for those who have family members with a history of respiratory illness, allergies or other health issues. In addition to concerns about personal wellbeing, accumulating grime and dirt can rapidly deteriorate important components of our ceiling fan. The result is often motor dysfunction, frequent repairs and premature replacement. If you want your investments to last, then it is important to periodically dust your fans at least once per month, and to thoroughly deep clean the fan blades and light fixtures seasonally. 

Cleaning Techniques for Fast and Easy Ceiling Fan Maintenance 

Ceiling fans have a lot of delicate pieces. They are also located in hard to reach areas and are connected to your electrical system. For these reasons, it is important to keep safety in mind when attempting to clean your fans. Here are some tips for safe and fast cleaning:

  • For quick dusting between deep cleans, use an extendable pole duster. This will reduce the amount of accumulated debris and will make seasonal cleaning less burdensome. 
  • When deep cleaning your fans, always turn off the power at the electrical panel box. Forgetting this very important step could put your and your loved ones at risk of injury. 
  • Use a ladder when cleaning to avoid falls. 
  • Use a degreasing cleaning product for ceiling fans that are located near your kitchen, this will make it easier to remove the buildup. 
  • Don’t press down or pull on the light fixture or fan blades, since this could cause the unit to become loose or damaged. 
  • Use dust-repellent or anti-static spray afterward to keep your fan clean for a longer period. If you do not have any available, then substitute an unused dryer sheet, which will offer similar benefits. 

Do You Need a Ceiling Fan Repair, Replacement or Installation? Call Mr. Electric Today 

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