How to Reset a Motion Sensor Light

How to Reset a Motion Sensor Light

September 06, 2020

Do you have a motion sensor light that never seems to work correctly? Does it stay on all night long, or refuse to turn on when someone steps near the fixture? At Mr. Electric of Dallas, we offer premium commercial and residential electrical services including indoor and outdoor lighting installation, repair and replacement in Dallas, Texas and nearby DFW area neighborhoods. We enjoy helping our local clients get the most from their lighting systems and want you to have the same great results. Here is some helpful information on how to reset your motion sensor lights, so you can improve your family’s safety and security. 

Benefits of Having a Reliable Motion Sensor Light 

Motion sensor lights are essential for homeowners and businesses. They help protect individuals from injury by offering bright lighting in spaces that are prone to slips or falls. Porches, backyard patios, pool areas, entertainment decks, garden pathways, driveways and commercial parking lots are just a few of the places where motion lights are often located. Motion lights can also provide additional security by scaring off potential intruders who prefer to operate under the cloak of night. When coupled with security cameras, motion sensor lights can be highly effective in deterring criminal behavior for both residential and commercial purposes. 

Do You Need to Reset Your Motion Sensor Light? 

Motion lights must work correctly in order to perform their function successfully. Ideally, motion lights should be triggered by the presence of people, vehicles or large animals. If your lights turn on every time a squirrel runs by the porch, or a strong breeze blows toward your entryway, then it may need to be reset. Likewise, if the light refuses to come on, or is permanently bright, then a reset might fix your problem. 

Simple Steps to Reset Your Motion Light 

First, shut off your circuit breaker for a minimum of 30 seconds then restore power to see if it works properly. If the fixture provides a switch, try flipping it on for a few seconds, off for a few seconds and then back on. Try rapidly switching the light on and off several times. Some motion lights offer adjustable sensitivity. If this is the case for your model, play around with the feature to see if it fixes the problem. You may also need to replace a worn-out bulb. In some situations, you may be dealing with a wiring issue or damaged fixture. 

Is It Time to Schedule a Motion Sensor Light Installation or Replacement? Call Mr. Electric Today 

Do you need a motion sensor light installation, repair or replacement service? Then there is no reason to continue putting your property at risk. Get the help you need today by calling the experts at Mr. Electric of Dallas. Our certified and insured electricians have the tools, training and hands-on experience needed to get the job done right. Contact our office for more details or to schedule a convenient appointment with a licensed electrician in Dallas, North Dallas, Carrollton, Richardson, Addison, Farmers Branch, Inwood, Lakewood, Lake Highlands, Oak Lawn, Arlington, University Park, Coppell, or a surrounding North Texas area community.