How to Fix Motion Lights That Refuse to Turn Off

How to Fix Motion Lights That Refuse to Turn Off

December 17, 2018

Motion lights are an excellent way to deter crime on your property. Most thieves and vandals in the neighborhood prefer to go undetected, and may choose a different target when the lights come on. Unfortunately, if your lights refuse to turn off all together, it can cause more harm than good. Criminals may have an easier time maneuvering around the lights if they stay on the whole time. Also, it can be an unnecessary drain on your utility bills.  At Mr. Electric of Dallas, we want you to get the most value from your lights and electrical system. Here are a few potential solutions for getting your motion lights back under control again.

Change the Sensitivity Setting

The first step for troubleshooting your motion light problem, is to check the sensitivity setting. If the light is too sensitive, it might be picking up the slightest motions. If your lights are coming on after detecting a heavy breeze, a car driving on the street or bugs flying around your garage door, then it might never go off. 

Adjust Your Duration Setting 

If your sensitivity dial has been lowered and the light still won’t turn off, then look at the duration settings as well.  Most motion lights will have an option to choose how long the lights will stay on after it detects movement. For some lights, it might be only one or two minutes, but settings can go all the up to half an hour. If this is the case, be sure to lower the duration to a more appropriate level. 

Reset the Lights by Turning Off the Power

Your lights may be stuck in “override”, which may keep your lights on 24/7 no matter what settings you have in place. Try resetting it by turning the light off at the breaker box, and wait a few minutes before restoring power. Test the lights to see if they’ve returned to normal. 

When to Call a Professional 

If your motion light remains stubborn, then it’s probably time to contact a certified electrician in your area. There could be an installation issue, an electrical wiring problem or damage created from a power surge. An experienced technician should be able to properly assess the cause of your trouble, and provide a wiring update, bulb replacement, light repair or other solution. 

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