Fixing a Dead Outlet

Fixing a Dead Outlet

December 10, 2018

In our modern world, it can seem as if there are never enough outlets. Large families often find themselves fighting over available places to plug in their computers, tablets and cell phone chargers. That’s why it can be extremely frustrating to deal with an outlet that never seems to work. At Mr. Electric of Dallas, we help North Texas home and business owners find the best electrical service solutions to their electrical problems. While non-working outlets could be the result of an underlying electrical problem, the source of your trouble might stem from a simpler issue. Here are a few tips for troubleshooting problems with dead outlets. 

Test Your Electronic Device or Appliance on a Different Outlet

If this is the first time you’ve experienced a problem with the outlet, make sure the issue isn’t caused by the device itself. Plug your tool, appliance or charger into another outlet to see if it works. 

Flip the Switch

Once you’ve determined that the outlet is the problem, make sure it isn’t connected to a switch. Many people have a “lamp outlet”, so you can plug in a lamp for light, and conveniently turn it off at the switch with the rest of the lighting system. If this is the case, flipping the switch should give power to the outlet. If it still doesn’t work, continue to the next step. 

Reset Your GFCI Outlet

If the troublesome outlet is in the bathroom, laundry room, kitchen or basement, there’s a chance it is a GFCI outlet that needs to be reset. These specific kinds of outlets are designed to protect against electric shock in areas that are typically exposed to moisture. If the outlet detected danger, it may have turned itself off. If this is the case, you can use the reset button located on the outlet cover to switch it back on. 

Check the Breaker Box

If the outlet still isn’t working, or if it isn’t a GFCI outlet, then you might want to check the breaker box. If there was an overloaded circuit, it has probably turned itself off for safety purposes. Locate your home’s panel box and check to see if any of the breaker switches are in the “OFF” position. If so, flip it to “ON” and retest the outlet. If you’ve tried these methods and the outlet is still refusing to work correctly, then it’s probably time to call a certified electrician who can properly investigate the source of your trouble. 

Need Help with Your Dead Outlets? Call Mr. Electric of Dallas 

Are you struggling with an unproductive outlet? Get the help you need. Call the experienced team at Mr. Electric of Dallas. Our certified, licensed and insured electricians offer a wide range of services including electrical inspections, outlet repair, wiring upgrades, dedicated circuit installations, lighting system repair and more. If you live in Dallas, North Dallas, Highland Park, Lake Highlands, Oak Lawn, Farmers Branch, University Park, Lakewood, Inwood, Arlington or any surrounding DFW community, contact our office and schedule a convenient appointment.