How to Replace a Light Ballast

How to Replace a Light Ballast

November 28, 2018

You don’t have to throw away your flickering and humming fluorescent light fixtures when you can consider a fluorescent light Ballast upgrade. All fluorescent lights require the Ballast to produce light, and the process of installing a new one takes roughly 10 minutes. If you are unsure of your ability to replace a light Ballast, please contact Mr. Electric of Dallas and a certified electrician will be on hand to replace the light Ballast.

Gather your tools, and begin the replacement of light Ballast

The first step you must take is to gather all the tools, these include; The non-contact Voltage tester, the wire stripper or cutter, the wire nuts, the socket wrench, and your smartphone or camera. The first step you must take is to turn off the power at the breaker box, then remove the cover of the fluorescent fixture, then remove the fluorescent tubes. You can remove the fluorescent tubes by twisting the bulb at 90 degrees then tug down the metal contacts located at the end of the bulb until the contacts conveniently slide out of the socket, for you to remove the bulb. 

Remove the cover plate once the bulb is removed. There is a wiring cover plate located in the center of the fluorescent fixture, then locate those tabs that hold the cover in place before you squeeze the sides of the cover, in order to release those tabs from slots. 

The next step is to check the voltage, with the non-contact voltage tester, just before touching the wires and connections. Make sure you take the pictures of the wires just as a reference before installing the new light ballast. Make sure you write down the number from the old ballast when going for the replacement ballast or contact Mr. Electric of Dallas electrician to get the proper Ballast replacement for you. 

Other steps in replacing the light Ballast in your Fluorescent fixture

Now that you have your new Ballast with you, the next step is to prepare the wires for installation of the new Ballast. Remove the damaged areas of the ballast wires and strip ½ an inch insulation from the ends with the use of wire strippers. Install the new ballast by simply mounting it to the fixture with the aid of mounting nuts and bolts, as well as the socket wrench. Connect your new Ballast wires to the wire nuts (check the photo of the wires you took for reference).  

The next step is to re-install all the remaining lighting components by simply putting the wire cover plate back, followed by the bulbs as well as the fixture lens. Restore the power by clicking the circuit breaker back on. The final step is to ensure that the old ballast is properly disposed of. Older ballasts, especially those manufactured before the 1970s are known to contain toxic substances that are harmful to the environment and humans. Make sure you avoid any skin contact. If you are finding it difficult to install a new Ballast, please contact Mr. Electric of Dallas.