Benefits of Converting a Gas Range to an Electric Stove Top

Benefits of Converting a Gas Range to an Electric Stove Top

December 03, 2018

Are you envious of your friend’s shiny new flat top stove? Is your gas bill starting to climb, and you’re thinking of switching to electric for all your home’s energy needs? While gas ranges certainly continue to retain their popularity, it isn’t always practical for every family. At Mr. Electric of Dallas, we have helped many households make the leap from gas to electric seamlessly. If you’re still on the fence, here are a few benefits to consider before making a final decision.

Avoid Safety Risks of a Gas Range

When used properly, natural gas can provide safe and efficient energy. However, there is always a small risk of danger, especially for families with small children. The first hazard is the fact that gas stoves and ovens use an open flame for cooking, making burns more likely to occur. In addition, gas leaks can also pose a threat. For these reasons, many households prefer to switch from gas to electric once they have kids or if they are uncomfortable with these potential problems. 

Sleek Appearance and Easy to Clean 

Flat electric stove tops are becoming extremely popular for homeowners everywhere. They have a modern, minimalist design that’s both appealing and practical. They’re also very easy to keep clean, as there’s no need to remove anything to wipe the surface down after meals. Because of their design and convenience, a lot of people are searching for this feature, which can increase your home value and attract buyers in the future. 

Simplify Your Utilities

It can be inconvenient to deal with two separate energy bills every month, especially if you’re dealing with a company that keeps raising their rates. Also, more families are turning to alternative sources of power for their home’s, opting for off grid solar panels. In the past, gas was sometimes the only option, but today’s houses use electricity for the majority of their needs. If you’re ready to switch your whole house to electric power, then it’s likely the oven and water heater are the only pieces of equipment still dependent on natural gas. Converting your stove will get you halfway through the process. 

What to Expect When Switching to Electric

Your current gas range most likely is partially powered with electricity already, in order to light the pilot flame. However, most gas kitchen appliances only need 120 volts, rather than the 240 volts needed for an electric stove. So, there’s a chance you may need to upgrade your circuit before installing a new unit. You’ll also need to get the gas line capped. Converting from gas to electric is much less challenging than the reverse, especially for properties who have never had a gas line. So, your gas to electric transition should be fast and affordable, especially when performed by a professionally trained electrician

Need to Get Your Kitchen Ready for an Electric Stove? Call Mr. Electric of Dallas

Are you ready to go from gas to electric? Whether you’re converting your stove, water heater or winter heating system, our certified, licensed and insured electricians in Dallas have the training and tools to get the job done right. Call Mr. Electric of Dallas today and find out how we can help with your next home improvement project.