How to Use a Surge Protector Safely

How to Use a Surge Protector Safely

December 22, 2022

A power surge can occur when a higher voltage travels to the wires of your device. The spike in the electrical current can cause damage to the plugged-in devices. A large power surge can permanently damage your electronics by causing frying of the plastic gadgets. To safeguard your appliances, you can invest in a surge protector which protects your TV among other appliances, from the high voltage in a power surge situation. At Mr. Electric, we have an expert electrician who can help safely use the surge protector. 

How Does the Surge Protector Work?

If the electricity voltage spikes to unacceptable levels, the surge protector diverts the extra current into other outlets in the grounding wire. The grounding wires run side by side with the neutral and live wires. We offer an alternative pathway for the current in case there is a disruption in the normal electricity flow.

The most crucial component in the protector is a circuit breaker, which works to prevent electrical spikes and stabilize the electrical output. The circuit breaker ensures your appliances don’t burn out by preventing overcurrent and short-circuiting.

How to Use the Surge Protector?

Avoid Overloading It

The protector can efficiently protect all appliances that are plugged directly into it. If you overload it, fire or tripped circuit breakers can occur. Avoid plugging other surge protectors or power strips into the protector. You should also ensure the devices plugged in are within the wattage capacity of the protector.

Consider Joule Rating

Joule rating in a surge protector is the energy it can absorb before crashing down or failing. A protector with a higher rating will give better protection to your devices. When determining the correct joule rating for your appliances, you must consider the value and type of the appliances needing protection. You should purchase protectors with a joule rating of over 600 joules.

Know When to Make Replacement

Just like other electrical appliances, surge protectors have a specific lifecycle. When that time expires, the device cannot offer adequate protection to your devices and will need replacement. Each protector has a green LED light at the front of the device; if the light is no longer showing, it shows that the device is no longer working. If unsure, you can hire electrical service professionals to check the device’s functionality.

Use the Correct Type of Plugs

The surge protector comes with two-pronged and three-pronged plugs. Only use three-pronged plugs for three-pronged outlets and vice versa. Correct usage helps avoid the risk of burning or shorting your appliances.

If you want to install a surge protector or are wondering if the one you have works correctly, an electrician from Mr. Electric can help you. We have a team of experts who can help safely install and repair all electrical devices. Our electrical service strives for excellence and superior quality to ensure all devices run efficiently. Contact us and discuss your situation with our reliable electricians and your home’s electrical needs.