6 Types of Electrical Outlet Upgrades

6 Types of Electrical Outlet Upgrades

December 14, 2022

Homeowners rarely see telltale signs of malfunctioning electrical outlets until it is too late. We live in the digital age, where most home and workplace appliances run on electricity. If your electrical system is not in tip-top condition, it may not meet the electrical needs of your devices. You should upgrade your system to mitigate potential safety risks associated with damaged outlets. Mr. Electric of Dallas provides exceptional electrical outlet replacement services, enhancing the safety and function of your home. Here are the outlet upgrades to consider.

USB Outlets

Manufacturers are designing devices that use USB outlets, relieving the burden of bulky adapters and chargers. A professional electrician can assess the condition of your electrical system to determine if it is safe before proceeding with any electrical outlet replacement project. These outlets allow you to plug in various devices directly, availing other ports of the outlet for use. If you want to enhance the convenience of your electrical system without breaking the bank, installing USB outlets is an excellent option.

LED Outlets

LED outlet lights are convenient night lights that offer extra convenience if you don’t want to plug in a large light that covers your outlets. They come with built-in lights on the wall plate and provide subtle lighting when turned off. You can easily walk around in low light and ease children’s fears of being in dark spaces. LED outlets are energy efficient and have a long life expectancy, so you don’t have to worry about calling an affordable electrician because of frequent burning out.

Recessed Outlets

These outlets differ from standard outlets that often leave your plugs hanging. Sunken outlets are installed more profoundly into the wall, preventing plugs from extending beyond the surface. Open outlets reduce the risk of tugging on wires or tripping over them if you have children at home.

AFCI (Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupters)

Even with a well-maintained electrical system, something can happen, causing your wiring to overheat. In the event of an electrical malfunction, the AFCI outlet shuts down the outlet to prevent damage. We can easily incorporate these outlets into your service panel for enhanced protection from sudden overheating. If your outlets have sustained severe damage, we can conduct an electrical outlet replacement project before incorporating AFCIs.

TRR (Tamper-Resistance Receptacles)

Safety is often the primary reason behind every electrical upgrade, and tamper-resistance receptacles enhance the safety of your home. These outlets have barriers that prevent children from inserting foreign objects, risking electrocution and other safety hazards. As a homeowner, you have peace of mind knowing your children are safe from risks associated with tampering with electrical outlets.

GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters)

We recommend GFCI outlets to enhance the protection of your home against potential electrical hazards. They monitor electricity flowing in your circuit and shut off power if any interruption is detected. These outlets are easy and cost-effective to install, and an electrician can guarantee safe electrical outlet replacement.

Contact us at Mr. Electric of Dallas, and schedule a consultation with our experts to learn more about suitable electrical outlet upgrades for your home. We provide a wide range of electrical services at pocket-friendly rates.