How to Wire Smoke Detectors in a Hardwired System

How to Wire Smoke Detectors in a Hardwired System

November 24, 2020

Has it been years since your home’s smoke detectors were properly tested? Are you concerned that your minimum standard smoke alarms won’t be reliable in an emergency? At Mr. Electric of Dallas, we provide high quality commercial and residential electrical services for property owners in Dallas, Texas and surrounding metro area communities. If you have been considering a smoke detector upgrade, then you may be wondering why so many homeowners and businesses choose hardwired units. Read below to learn about the many benefits of hardwired smoke detectors and the importance of proper installation. 

Benefits of Investing in a Hardwired Smoke Detector 

Many homeowners inherit minimum standard battery-operated smoke detectors from the construction company or a previous resident. However, these units are often unreliable due to low manufacturing quality. Even if the units are purchased from a respected company, a lot of property owners often forget to replace the battery, rendering them useless in an emergency. A hardwired smoke detector may still use batteries for a backup power source, but they are also tied into your electrical system. This means that as long as your wiring is still functioning properly, you’re smoke detectors are much more likely to kick into gear when you need help the most. 

How to Install a Hardwired Smoke Detector 

In order to install a hardwired smoke detector, the electrical power running to the area must be completely shut off at the breaker box. Failure to perform this essential first step can result in electrical shock. Next, a hole will need to be cut into the wall stud or ceiling joist where the detector will be mounted. Next, the electrical box will need to be secured in place. Then the wires can be ran to the new location and be safely connected to your new unit. Finally, the detector can be put in its proper place with the cover attached. Always test the unit before assuming that it will work correctly. Be sure to continue testing the detector routinely to ensure it remains reliable for your loved one’s long term. 

Should You Consider Hiring a Qualified Electrician for Your Smoke Detector Installation? 

While homeowners can often perform low-risk home improvement projects successfully, complex electrical installations, repairs and replacements should be left to those with professional training. Mistakes made during a hardwired smoke detector installation could result in personal injury or electrical fires. When you hire an experienced, qualified electrician for the job, you will know that your investments are in good hands. 

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Are you interested in upgrading to hardwired smoke detectors, but prefer to hire a qualified electrician who can get the job done right? Then call the experts at Mr. Electric of Dallas. Our certified, licensed and insured electricians are ready to help you improve the safety and effectiveness of your electrical system and important devices. Contact our office for more information about our wide variety of commercial and residential services or to schedule an appointment with an experienced electrician in Dallas, Irving, Richardson, Addison, Coppell, Carrolton, Texas or a nearby metro area neighborhood.