Installing an Electrical System in a Tiny House

Installing an Electrical System in a Tiny House

June 21, 2019

Tiny houses are becoming more popular than ever thanks to their affordability and flexibility. Many people dream about building or buying their own tiny home, but become overwhelmed by certain parts of the process like plumbing of electricity. At Mr. Electric of Dallas, we enjoy helping our residential and commercial clients find ways to reach their goals, and we want to help you do the same. Here are some tips on how you can plan the perfect electrical system for your tiny home project, and why hiring a professional electrician can make the installation safe, simple and affordable. 

Will Your Electrical System be Optimized for a Mobile or Stationary Home?

The first step in planning your tiny home electrical system is to determine whether you want to optimize for mobility or wish to remain stationary. If you’re going to build on a trailer, and want the option to move around with ease, then you may want to consider alternative electrical systems such as solar panels. If you will be building on a foundation and want to stay in one location, then a system that ties into the existing grid may be more practical. 

Determine Which Appliances or Devices Will be Powered by Electricity 

Next, you’ll want to think about which appliances will be fueled by electricity versus propane gas or wood. For instance, some people may enjoy the rustic appeal of a wood fired stove for warmth and cooking. Still many opt for 100% electrical appliances because of their safety and efficiency. Knowing your preferences will help you better understand how much energy will be needed to fuel your new lifestyle. 

Have a Realistic Understanding of Your Energy Consumption

You’ll also want to have a thorough understanding of how much energy you and your family will consume on an average day. Since your tiny home will likely be a primary residence, you want to ensure that your loved ones are comfortable. Planning ahead for extra appliances and devices down the road will make it more convenient to make adjustments as needed in the future. 

Plan for the Appropriate Number of Outlets

It’s also important to think about how many outlets will be needed for your family. Think about how many televisions, video game consoles, charging stations and appliances will need to be used on a regular basis. Knowing this number will help you avoid additional installations down the road, and will give you an idea of the complexity of your electrical system’s design. 

Benefits of Hiring a Certified Electrician for Your Installation

There are many aspects of tiny home building that a passionate individual can take on without a lot of difficulty. Whether you’re installing flooring, or refurbishing kitchen counters. However, handling electricity can be extremely dangerous for people without professional training. Incorrect installation of wiring and electrical components can put people at risk of fires, electrocutions and property damage. When you hire a certified electrician for your tiny home electrical system installation, you can rest easy knowing that your new abode will be efficient and safe for many years to come. 

Need to Install an Electricity in Your Tiny House? Call Mr. Electric of Dallas

Are you in the planning stages of your tiny house construction project? Then call the experts at Mr. Electric of Dallas and find out how we can help. Our friendly staff is ready to answer your questions and can also schedule a convenient appointment with a certified, licensed and insured electrician in the Dallas, Texas and nearby DFW communities.