Lighting Options to Create the Perfect Outdoor Setting

Lighting Options to Create the Perfect Outdoor Setting

April 10, 2022

The lighting of a setting largely affects its appearance and mood. Whether you want to redesign your outdoor area, illuminate your surroundings, or enhance security for your home, Mr. Electric has an outdoor lighting installation suited for every scenario. Skillfully installed lighting can intensify curb appeal for any landscape and display a pleasant sight. Find out which type of lighting you would like for your household.

Accent Lighting

If you want lighting that draws attention to specific areas or illuminates dark corners, accent lighting is a great choice. Sometimes an overhead ceiling light may not be enough and will be incompetent for lighting up your room. Having a lamp placed in a corner of your room or on your desk can bring attention to a certain feature and make up for the absent lighting. Accent lighting can be used for fireplaces, architectural designs, artwork, and even plants. It helps with the ambiance and mood of your surroundings. You can ask an electrician to install separate controls for accent fixtures so they can be used only when needed. You can also adjust the intensity of the lighting based on what type of surface it is fixed on. Remember to use accent lighting appropriately, as overuse can have the opposite of the desired effect and show off as disorganized.

Pathway Lighting

Walking to your front door after returning home during nighttime can be dangerous. You never know what’s lurking in the shadows and what can come your way. To increase your safety and feel more secure at night, an outdoor lighting installation for pathways is recommended. By providing a gentle glow without distracting you while you’re walking, pathway lighting illuminates and guides you along your route. It can also help set boundaries for your pathway and save nearby plants from walkers. The lighting is great for curb appeal and an entertaining display. Common styles of pathway lights include garden lights, downlights, bollard lights, and flush lights. If you would like to install pathway lighting to illuminate your home sidewalks and enhance security, call an affordable electrician from Mr. Electric today.

Outdoor Wall Lighting

Able to get installed on the porch, deck, and other walls around your house, wall lighting is great when you need a quick breather outside and need to see where you’re standing. They can be installed with motion sensors, which is great for security. Wall lights should be durable in various weather conditions and should be placed in the area with the most action. Some of these areas could be the driveway, porch, garage, and other areas you often walk in. You can always add more wall lighting if you feel like it isn’t enough. Some examples of wall lighting are landscape lights, outdoor string lights, porch, and patio lighting.

When choosing your future lighting fixture, read and learn the different types with Mr. Electric. Our qualified workers are equipped and skilled to install new outdoor lighting for your household. Discover which type suits your desires best, and we’ll get to work as soon as possible.